Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men’s Shirt – DIY

Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men's Shirt - DIY

When you realize you only got to wear a shirt for two times and it was ruined by an ugly stain, you can not be happy for sure. What can you do now with the shirt? Simply throw it away or you can find out a way to re-use it. If you have a child or a niece, here you have an idea of how you can make a dress out of this old or ruined shirt.

You will need:
– an old/ruined men button down shirt;
– sewing machine or needle and thread;
– scissors;
– pins;
– a simple dress that fits the child you want to make the dress for.

Directions: Lay out the shirt and place the simple dress over it, so you can get the pattern out. For a good final product, do not forget to fold the shirt in two, where the buttons are finally on the edge, so that the right side of the dress turns out identical with the left side. After that, fixate the pattern with pins and cut out the pattern from the old shirt. Now put an elastic on the neckline, and on the sleeve-line if you have one. After you sew the lateral lines and you mask the elastic, you are finished. It’s simple, relaxing, cheap therefore satisfying. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: pinterest.

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  1. Hello, I like this idea. But when you try and turn the edges down 1/4 inch and then again to insert the elastic it puckers terribly. Also, the sleeve looks mighty small for a two year old. Any measurements would be helpful, thank you so much.


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