Creative Skirt and Dress Made from Shirts – DIY

Turn two men’s shirts into a skirt or a dress for the days when you feel you need to change style a little bit. Maybe you have spent the night at your boyfriend and you don’t have clean clothes to wear and you need something fresh, or you just want to use those old shirts your husband have forgotten in his closet. This is a very cool, cheap and quick project to do, it takes no more than 10 minutes. You don’t need any tool and you don’t have to sew anything. You will only need 2 men’s shirts and if you are single you can buy 2 for a small price.

Directions: Take the shirts and remember that a 16-in neck shirts equate to a 32-in waist, so if you need a bigger size, a larger neck size would be preferable. Shirts should be similar in patterns and make sure to be clean and ironed. Start buttoning the two shirts to each other and loosely tie one sleeve from each shirt to another. Do the same move to the other side. To create the dress, both sleeves should be tied around the back as you can see in the pictures. Enjoy your out of ordinary look!

Creative Skirt and Dress Made from Shirts - DIY

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