Reliable Staple Fashion Items You Need for Everyday Use Throughout the Week

There are some items in our wardrobe that get a lot more use than others. Whilst on the other hand, some pieces we only wear once or twice in our life, and that’s okay. Our staple, everyday clothing is what keeps us going – this is what we’re going to explore in this article.

As long as you have these reliable staple fashion items throughout the week, you’ll never be stuck wondering what to wear. Read on for more.

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1. Reliable Underwear

Although most people aren’t going to see what you wear beneath your outfit, your underwear collection needs to tick a number of boxes. They need to keep you comfortable, create a barrier between your intimate areas and top layer of clothing, and also keep you warm in the colder months. Without them, you’d feel very strange exiting your front door!

So, you need to have pairs of bras and knickers that you can always rely on. Of course, you can have more sultry styles for when you want to impress, but for the everyday, you can’t fail with the most practical materials and styles. In particular, we all need this when that time of the month comes around!

2. Plain Tees

Plain tops in different cuts go with so many different outfits and don’t steal the show – you can let your other pieces do the talking. If you’re ever unsure what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt and cool jacket combo. Get a few variations in different colors and you can bring to life an outfit in minutes. Sometimes less is more.

3. A Pair of Jeans That Go With Everything

Everybody needs a pair of killer jeans at the ready. The reason denim is so popular is how long it lasts. Whilst colors may fade, a good quality pair of jeans is for life.

Find a style that suits you. Whether it be high-waisted, skinny, flares, distressed, and so on, make sure you have a pair that you love. There’s a reason they’re so popular and they’re not going out of fashion, though the different styles may come and go.

4. Smart Shoes

Although you might not need your smart shoes every day of the year, it’s always good to have some just in case. Work, special occasions, or just times when you want to get dressed up, all call for fancy footwear. Although they’re on your feet, your shoes can give people an impression of who you are. So try to display a bit of your personality with your footwear.

5. Chic Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for sunny days – for ultimate protection and style, you need a chic pair whatever the weather. With sunglasses, sometimes it’s better to splash out a little bit more so that you’re getting full UV protection for your delicate eye area. These are also much more likely to last you than fast fashion pairs.

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With one or two of each of the items on this list, you won’t struggle to find something nice to wear throughout the week.

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