Smart Closet Organizing Ideas

Having too many clothing items can become a problem even for a big closet when you don’t know how to properly organize things. Sometimes you can use a small space in a very smart way
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Chair Hanger – DIY

chair on the wall as hanger
Have you tought to use everyday articles in a new creative way? It doesn't have to be designer to put into practice the hidden potential
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Lazy Susan Shoe Case

shoe storage idea lazy susan
All women love shoes, the more they have...the better they feel. But how to store the shoes? Lazy Susan came with an amazing idea of
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Idea to Organize Tank Tops

Idea to Organize Tank Tops

Save space and use this holder from IKEA to organize your tank tops. Instead of hanging  each of them on its own hanger, this contraption will help you more, even if its a towel holder.
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