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Having too many clothing items can become a problem even for a big closet when you don’t know how to properly organize things. Sometimes you can use a small space in a very smart way and sometimes even the biggest space isn’t enough. If you want to know how to better organize your stuff, follow the tips from this article and start doing the changes today. You can’t imagine how great is to get rid off unnecessary stress. These tips are helpful not just for space problems but also for finding easier things that maybe you have forgotten somewhere. From how to store your shoes, to how to better organize your bags you will find everything here.

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1. Hang shoes on the wall using crown molding.
2. Label your hangers depending on the item that sits on them.
3. How to know if you haven’t worn something for a long time. See –>Closet Organization Idea by Ray and Jen.
4. To store sweaters in a smart way use divider shelves.

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5. Hang belts and ties on a sliding rack.
6. Hang eyewear on a hanger or make a display with a ribbon and a scarf.
7. If you have many handbags you can use shower curtain hooks to hang them. See–> How To.
8. Use command hooks to hang jewelry on the inside of a closet door. It is a great way to have them displayed.

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9. Shoe storing idea.
10. Cut up a pool noodle and place pieces in your booth too keep them up right.
11. Store matching sheets inside their pillowcases, this way you will keep everything together.
12. Hang your boots with the help of your pants hangers.
13. How to hang your shoes. See–>Shoe Hanger – DIY Tutorial.
14. Use storage boxes for underwear and socks. See –> Creative Storage Boxes.

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