5 Signs It’s Time For A Closet Revamp

Most people have a closet in their homes, no matter the size. They’re necessary for storing all your clothes instead of leaving them in messy piles in your room. But closets won’t always have enough space to store every article of clothing you have. Soon, you’ll have to revamp it.

Revamping your closet may either be a struggle or a fun activity. Letting go of certain pieces is challenging since they carry value or symbolize a happy memory. However, a revamp could eliminate your wardrobe fatigue and make you more content with what you have.

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Check out this article if you’re still considering overhauling your closet. Here are signs telling you that you must start revamping your wardrobe.

1. Your Closet Is Falling Apart

Whether due to age or the clothes’ weight, a closet will wear out eventually. If you have one that’s decades old, it may begin showing signs of deterioration. Damaged furniture can fall apart when you least expect it. And when your closet breaks, your clothes could become disorganized or, worse, you could get injured.

Before an accident happens, inspect your closet for rusting hinges, bending shelves, or termite damage. Some issues can be fixed, but you’re better off replacing the cabinet if it’s beyond repair. Consider having custom closets Naples FL has to offer.

Reputable cabinet makers will design and build a closet that’s a perfect fit for your home and has enough space for all your clothes. You can rest assured your new wardrobe will last and stay in excellent condition for years.

2. You Have A Packed Closet

Imagine this: you’re preparing to leave for a special event. You browse through your closet for your desired outfit only to find nothing. Even after checking every hanger and pile, you still can’t find that specific item you need. If this scenario happens too often, it might be time to get an overhaul.

Closets stuffed with clothing pose more problems than closets with fewer contents. For one, too many hangers could add unnecessary weight to the rods. Piles of thick clothes can also occupy much space in smaller wardrobes. You might even struggle to reach for a piece of clothing on that pile. It won’t hurt you, but it’ll be pretty frustrating if it happens.

One of the best ways to clear out your fully-stocked closet is to sort your items from the least and most worn. Seasonal clothes, like coats and sweaters, should be stored separately since you only wear those pieces at certain times of the year.

When you’ve sorted out all your clothes, you can decide whether you want to sell or donate the ones you no longer use. Having someone else own them is much better than letting them sit untouched in your closet for years.

3. You Have Too Many Damaged Or Ill-Fitting Clothes

Many items, like clothes, may carry sentimental value for their owners. It’s common to find closets that store old articles of clothing handed down from generation to generation. Wear and tear usually come with age. So, your older clothes may be slightly damaged, faded, or no longer fit you well.

You can do the same sorting method with the overfilled closet. Except for this time, you’ll sort between the ones still in good condition and those that aren’t. Include the clothes that still fit you in the ‘to keep’ pile. Any item—such as pants, shirts, or dresses—that no longer fits should be sold or given away. It’ll give you more peace of mind knowing you don’t have to wear clothes that look unflattering on you.

Once you’re done sorting comes the best part: shopping for new clothes. Now that your closet has more space, you can buy new outfits to freshen up your wardrobe. Take time to try out pieces and choose stylish clothing according to your body type. That way, you’re more likely to wear them more often and feel good while wearing them too.

4. You Always Have ‘Nothing To Wear’

You may have experienced going through your entire wardrobe and claiming you have nothing to wear. Chances are you do have something to wear; you just don’t like it anymore. It’s normal to outgrow your fashion choice from years ago, and it’s okay to overhaul your closet because of it.

Your tried-and-tested outfit combinations may no longer interest you nowadays. So, feel free to remove the pieces you don’t want to wear anymore and replace them with those you do. Fashion is creative expression, and you don’t have to force yourself to see the artistic beauty in your outfits if you really can’t.

Lifestyle changes are also one of the reasons why people revamp their wardrobes. You might prefer sustainable clothing or switch from bold fashion statements to discreet outfits. You can take that as a sign to start reorganizing your closet for the better.

5. You Haven’t Shopped In Ages

If you’re unlike those who shop for new clothes every season, you’re still not immune to revamping your closet. You may have several old pieces of clothing as gifts or hand-me-downs that don’t follow the trends, making a mess in your closet.

Doing a simple closet decluttering trick could help you shop for fewer clothes while trying new trending styles. You shouldn’t buy too many new items to replace the old ones. Think about starting a capsule wardrobe. This allows you to only purchase and use a few pieces of clothing per season, mixing and matching them to create new daily outfits.

Making a capsule wardrobe is a fantastic way to lessen cabinet clutter and easily track every piece of clothing you own.

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End Note

A wise and practical fashionista understands that no piece of clothing lasts forever. Sometimes, you’ll have to reorganize and revamp your closet when the chaos is out of control. So, remember these signs and observe your wardrobe to know when it’s time for an overhaul.

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