Is it Important to Follow Label Instructions When Dry Cleaning?

When you curate a wardrobe full of quality garments, you need to take care of them. The better care you provide for your clothes, the longer they will last.

Choosing shirts, dresses, slacks, or other items that specify dry cleaning on the label means that these items need proper care. When you see that a certain fabric requires dry cleaning, heed that warning and take it to a dry cleaner.

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Why Should You Obey the ‘Dry Clean Only’ Label?

Dry cleaning isn’t something you need to do for most everyday items. But when you see the ‘dry clean only’ label on your garment’s care instructions, it’s for your own good. The material your clothing is made from needs to be properly cleaned to last a long time.

It’s likely that these ‘dry clean only’ items are some of the more expensive pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Failing to heed this advice will possibly damage something you spent a lot of money on, forever ruining your chances of wearing it again.

Clothing manufacturers test the fabrics, dyes, trim, and threads. When they suggest dry cleaning, it is because one of these components doesn’t react well to washing and heat. Dry cleaners use solvents rather than water to clean delicate fabrics. This process allows for the proper removal of things like grease and oil without damaging the material.

Dry cleaning also prevents shrinkage, color loss, changes in texture, and shape distortion. After this process is complete, your dry cleaner will steam-press the garment to keep it looking like new.

What Items Should You Have Dry Cleaned?

You should always dry clean any item in your wardrobe that specifies it on the label. These will usually be business suits, anything with embellishments like sequins or beads, formal attire, or delicate fabrics. These delicate items include silk, leather, wool, suede, rayon, and velvet.

If you’re ever in doubt about a piece of clothing that is missing a label, you can always take it to your local dry cleaners. They will let you know if it requires dry cleaning or if you can wash it at home.

Save Time and Money by Dry Cleaning

You’ve invested a lot into looking your best with what you wear. When you ignore the labels on clothing items, you’re throwing money away. Protect your most important and expensive garments by having them dry-cleaned. They will last for years to come, plus it saves you the chore of trying to do it yourself.

The experts at Universal Cleaners state that dry cleaning saves you time too. If the service offers free pick up and delivery, you won’t have to worry about getting ‘dry clean only’ items back when you want to wear them.

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