New Year, New You. Three Wardrobe Items To Upgrade in 2023

So long 2022, Hello 2023! Many people use the turn of the year to set intentions for the year ahead. You’ll only eat organic. You’ll workout at least three times a week. You’ll file your expense reports on time, every time. Well, we’ve got a much more fun (and much easier) way to start your year off right.

Take a look at your wardrobe and consider upgrading these three wardrobe items this year. Take a minute to look at the three items below and consider whether they need a little upgrade.

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1. Your dress shoes

People notice your shoes. The shoes you wear to work and to special events should get attention at the beginning of the year. Give them a shine and polish (or stop by a shoeshine stand) but don’t stop there. Take a look at the soles and the heels.

If the shoes are of a good quality, it’s worth taking the shoes to a shoe repairer or cobbler. They can fix a wobbly or worn-down heel and put new rubber soles on your good shoes to extend their life. This is a quick errand that will pay off this year.

2. Your wallet

A wallet is something that gets heavy use, and it starts to look worn out after a few years. Start out fresh at New Years and treat you and your money to a nice new wallet.

Stick to something in a classic colour that will go with other outfits and try to find something that is nice enough for work but not too fussy for the weekends. Extra points if it’s got a compartment for coins.

3. Your robe

Yep, your robe. Sure, it’s not something the outside world sees but chances are your bathrobe has seen better days. It’s something you use most days and an old, ratty robe isn’t the look you want for a successful new year.

Look online for inexpensive options for a new, fluffy robe or drop a hint for an upcoming birthday. Then lounge away with your morning coffee in comfort and style, just like they do in the movies. It’s cheaper than a spa visit!

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels

So there you have it. Even if none of your resolutions makes it past February, upgrading these three items will make sure you look good all the way to December. After all, if you look good you feel good. Don’t forget to comparison shop for the best prices and buy something of quality that will see you through to 2024!

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