3 Creative Garage Interior Designs to Maximize Free Storage Space

The garage is one of the most versatile pieces of real estate inside your house. Many resourceful homeowners use their garage to store (aside from cars) tools and other seasonal items in their home. It’s the perfect space for things that you don’t want to be seen by the prying eyes of anyone who has no business with them. However, this has caused a lot of garages to be unmitigatedly messy.

If you feel your garage could hold so much more than what it does currently, here are some creative tips to maximize its free space:

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1. Identify Unused Space

You can maximize storage space by installing overhead shelves or cabinets in your garage. This allows you to place smaller items into the unused overhead space and clear the floor for bigger and heavier objects (like an additional car perhaps). Depending on what you plan to place on these shelves, you should take into account the durability of the storage.

If you’re using your garage as a tool shed, utilizing the walls to secure your tools is a great way to safely store them. This is especially crucial if you have kids in your house. Excluding the garage doors, you have 3 perfectly suitable sides inside the garage to hang items on. Wall organizers combined with overhead shelves will not only add usable space inside but can also improve how your garage looks as well as organize your items based on how often you need them.

2. Renovate Your Garage

While you’re at it, you might also want to do some upgrades and repairs to your garage. This doesn’t only protect the contents inside it also allows you to re-design the space to accommodate the things you’d want to store inside it. You can start by fixing problematic areas, a garage door repair allows you to put outdoor items such as lawnmowers, patio umbrellas, etc. inside without having to use the interior doors. Patching up broken panels and weather seals will protect items from theft and outside elements.

You can also install lifts for your car to make room for one more car. You can also mount hooks for bikes on the walls or the ceiling. By remodeling your garage, you’ll be able to purposely make room for a lot of things that could have otherwise been left lying on the floor or outside in the yard.

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3. DIY Workstation

If you’re crafty with your hands or if you have side projects on the weekends, you might want to make an adjustable table or station to do your work. It’s advisable to make them mobile or retractable so that you can tuck them in nicely when you’re done. Being mobile allows you to work safely on your DIY projects and not get stuck in a corner with limited room to work with.

If you don’t prefer to haul your station every time you work on a project, you can install a foldable workbench. You can have it mounted on the ceiling or to the walls of the garage and neatly fold them after you’re finished.

Making your garage space bigger is all about efficiency. With these tips, you’ll be able to claim space that you wouldn’t have expected if you’ve just let your stuff lie around. It’s important that you are able to make space for the car (or cars) that you have while maintaining safety on all the contents inside the garage as well as in your house itself.

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