Pet-Friendly Home 1

Is Your Home Design Pet-Friendly?

Pets are messy. Cats and dogs shed, birds molt, and that’s just the start of it – and while though pet owners go into the ownership process knowing this, many complain that their pets have
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Elegant and Cozy Villa Design 6

Elegant and Cozy Villa Design

On a great venue in Hällsvik, Sweden, that offers a perfect peaceful life, there is a modern house that attracts the eye with it’s design. The entire project of the house spreads over an area
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Cute Decorations Using Pegs (2)

Cute Decorations Using Pegs – DIY

Who thought that wooden clothes pegs have also a decorative use? Just check out the pictures and get inspired! All you need to make the ornaments are some wooden clothes pegs, paints, some decorative accessories
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