Is Your Home Design Pet-Friendly?

Pets are messy. Cats and dogs shed, birds molt, and that’s just the start of it – and while though pet owners go into the ownership process knowing this, many complain that their pets have had a negative impact on the appearance of their homes. This can lead these same owners to try less-then-desirable disciplinary strategies, from spraying cats with water to excessive crating, when the real solution is almost always to create a pet-friendly environment.

Adjusting your home’s layout to meet your pet’s needs is a key part of pet-ownership, and while it may go against some of your design instincts, it doesn’t have to mean compromising your style.

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With these 3 simple adjustments, you can create a cozy home environment that both you and your pet can enjoy.

Fido Friendly Flooring

Pet messes are one of the most common complaints among owners, and not just those with new puppies. Older pets are also prone to accidents and pets of all ages get sick. With that in mind, skip the light-colored rugs because otherwise you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to scrub out stains.

Generally speaking, you’re better off opting for wood or tile flooring because they’re easier to clean. If you’re committed to carpeting, though, patterned area rugs are a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting since it will be easier to deal with any messes.

Create A Feeding Area

Feeding a pet is a bit like feeding a toddler. It’s messy. Food gets everywhere, and some pets even have strange habits, such as moving their food around before they eat it. Minimize the mess by creating a central feeding area for your pet, complete with bowls, placemat, and storage.

In addition to creating a feeding area for your pet, you can make them feel comfortable by choosing an appropriate pet food for their needs. How do you know which one, though? The fact is that as with human food, there are a lot of choices and a lot of contradictory information but you can’t go wrong with a holistic pet food formulated to meet your pet’s dietary needs.

Choosing such high-quality pet food will ensure your pet looks and feels their best and is able to enjoy all of their favorite activities, whether that’s playing fetch or bird watching from a sunny window.

Get More From Gates

While dogs benefit from access to a crate, they don’t thrive when their owners lock them up all the time. Still, there may be places you don’t want them to go, at least some of the time.

It’s okay to gate off one or two rooms, especially if they might be dangerous for your pet; for example, many owners prefer not to have pets in the kitchen while they’re cooking. You don’t want to confine your pet to a single room, but you also want to keep them safe.

Just as parents can style their homes around their children’s toys and safety needs, you can – and should – do the same as a pet owner. Create comfortable spaces for your pet to sleep, eat, and play, and boundaries that will keep your pet out of those areas where they don’t belong.

Though you may have to compromise on some elements, you’ll find it much less stressful to accommodate your pet’s needs than to try to undo the damage they’re bound to cause.

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