Teeth Care While Vaping: Everything You Should Know

Nowadays, vaping is a global hobby. Citizens of different countries use the device, but not all of them know about the health harms it can have. For sure, scientists give plenty of warnings about possible lung diseases, cancer, cardiovascular problems, but there is one subtle issue that not many experts speak of. It is teeth health.

Vaping’s Damage to Your Teeth

The general knowledge is that tobacco consumption boosts the risks of oral cancer, gum disease, or chronic bad breath. Vaping is a bit different thing. It deals not with tobacco, but with nicotine. Also, it has no burning process. The question is whether the vaping process is also harmful to the user’s mouth cavity.

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The important note here is that vaping is quite a broad notion. There is a distinct difference in effects between using e-cig with juice flavor, e nail with cbd concentrate, and the pod with dry herb vaporizer tank from vapingdaily —this difference in the ways of vaping means the difference in the possible outcomes.

Firstly, vapers often stick to high temperatures, which means permanent teeth and airways irritation.

Secondly, the vapor does not contain nicotine, cbd, or another filling only. Other elements of the substance also get evaporated. Unfortunately, a high number of them are toxic to humans.

Thirdly, several scientific studies show that vaping is less hazardous for teeth than smoking. The problem is that the majority of trustworthy studies are based on vaping e liquids with nicotine, but vapor from herb vape tank or wax rig is left out in terms of their impact on teeth.

The research in Baltimore (2016) observed some improvements in teeth health in people who switch from smoking to vaping. The 2018 clinical oral investigation showed similar results. However, the experts accented the higher levels of inflammation and comparatively little experience of the habit for those who vape.

On the other hand, in 2014, doctors from Germany concluded that nicotine-containing e juice kills the healthy cells in the mouth within their vivo research. The separate survey that took place in 2018 outlined the similarity of flavored e juices to high-sucrose candy and drinks, which, we all know, can trigger cavities.

Care About Teeth for Vapers

Oral hygiene always raises questions. Though the dentists insist on brushing teeth for at least a minute, many people do not pay much attention to the rules of dental care. The professional dentists recommend to:

  • Apply teeth brush at a 45-degree angle against the gums;
  • While brushing – move the brush gently;
  • Brush both inner and outer teeth surface;
  • Do not forget about the chewing surfaces;
  • Brush the other surfaces, but the teeth, e.g., a tongue;
  • Do not forget about flossing;
  • Learn how to floss correctly, not to damage your gums;
  • Buy only professional floss that will not harm your oral cavity;
  • Add a mouth rinse to your daily teeth care;
  • Try antimicrobial rinses to decrease the risks of bacteria and plaque activity;
  • Always buy only certified teeth care products of high quality;
  • Choose the matched type of toothbrush;
  • Drink the daily norm of water and avoid sweetened drinks.

These recommendations do not differ much from standard, but doctors insist on implementing them while being a vaper. They emphasize that if your mouth is not clean, the bacteria from the mouth can quickly get into your lungs. Therefore, neglecting mouth hygiene might call more harm.

Social Factors to Vape More

What attracts ordinary people today? In fact, this is freedom. Freedom to move, to visit favorite cafes with delicious pasta or steak, to play football in the park with their kids. Unfortunately, the quarantine lifestyle makes us limit our movement, avoid public places and crowds, and keep the distance.

It is the time when other hobbies enter into the picture. Some people elaborate on their ‘passive’ hobbies. Many of them get acquainted with new hobbies. Some increase their involvement in the existing ones. However, the one common thing is that all these people unconsciously prescind from the stress.

Talking about vaping, some people multiply the time spent with the vaping device. It helps them take the mind off things that are disturbing every member of society now. Some people see it as the opportunity to try something new and just start their vaping life these days.

For sure, vapers themselves aspire for new experiences as well. Buying a dry herb vape tank or wax pod vape seems to be a nice idea for them. Vaping’s variegate is always positive because it brings new emotions for a person and diverts attention away from today’s global social problems that the society is challenged with.

Tips to Avoid Overvaping

Try to find out the reason of why you vape more.

Firstly, if you feel stressed, try to relax differently. A hot bath with bubbles, romantic dinner, playing chess, scrabble, or twister, putting together a jigsaw puzzle are only a small percentage of possible entertainment.

Secondly, if you just do no feel the proper effect, try to change your vaping activity. Challenge yourself with a week of nicotine-free vaping.

Alternatively, simply change the substance. Buying a dry herb atomizer is one of the options.

It is essential to enjoy the activity, not to change it to a routine and set limits.

To finalize, vaping harms your teeth, and being a vaper requires proper teeth care. Visiting a dentist and listening to his remarks is a preferred lifestyle for a vaper.

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