Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

We are constantly looking for new ways to renovate our homes to increase our comfort. To feel more relaxed, we often change our décor or paint our walls. However, the most effective way to feel calm in our homes is to ensure they are safe.

When settling into a new house, or decorating an old one, it’s essential to also think about safety. It’s important to feel relaxed in our homes with the knowledge that we have the right technology in place, in an event of a fire or burglary. To help, we’ve put together some tips to improve safety in your home without ruining its aesthetic.

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1. Install a Security System

There are a range of security systems you can buy, from alarms to controlling lights from your phone. To protect your home, and your possessions, you can talk to professionals, who can personalise a home security system that’s perfect for your property.

If you’re decorating your home, then it’s essential to think about how you can protect those things from possible burglaries. It’s a great way to modernise your home and increase your safety, as you can now control some modern security systems from an app.

2. Outdoor Lights

This is a great one to improve your home’s security but to also add to the style of your home. Motion-activated lights are a good way to deter thieves. Burglars often hide in dark corners, so they are hidden from the street when breaking into a property.

Put the lights in your front and back garden, but also in unlit areas, like by the side gate. This won’t only prevent burglaries but will also help you see when putting out the bins, so you won’t trip up and hurt yourself.

3. Clean Out Your Clutter

Most of us have that one cluttered corner we always mean to tidy and take to the charity shop, but we often forget. However, too much clutter can be unsafe as it increases dust, which can trigger asthma, and can increase the severity of a fire.

So, next time you consider adding to the growing pile of clothes, instead fold them away or give unwanted items to charity. This will improve the safety of your home whilst making it look tidy and presentable, as a cleaner house will mean a more comfortable home.

4. Test Your Alarms

We hear this one a lot, but we will likely forget to test our alarms monthly. Make sure to test your carbon monoxide alarms as well as fire alarms. To do this, hold the test button down until you hear a loud noise, like a siren. If the alarm remains silent then the batteries need changing.

Testing your alarm is one of the simplest ways to feel safe in your home, and you can feel protected going to bed knowing that they work. The new pillows you may buy will help you sleep at night and these simple steps may help you to feel safer.

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