Long Distance Traveling Tips For Expecting Mums

For expecting mums, travelling is never as easy as pack-and-go. As much as air travel is now modernized to offer personalized flight services and a luxurious experience for all types of travellers, expecting mothers have to be vigilant when preparing for a long trip. Below is an outline of some key things to keep in check to ascertain your journey is comfortable and that you arrive at your destination in perfect health.

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How to Prepare for your Trip

Efforts to ensure the trip is a success should begin weeks before the actual travel date. Firstly, ensure you consult your doctor and ensure you are in perfect condition to travel. The doctor monitoring your pregnancy knows best if it is either too late or too early to travel. It is safer and more comfortable to travel during mid-pregnancy when the morning sickness has disappeared, and your energy levels have spiked.

Travelling in the first trimester could be manageable in some cases despite the discomfort of early symptoms. However, for late pregnancy in the advanced stages of the third trimester, travel is not advised. Doctors warn against travelling after seven months of pregnancy.

Remember that flights have different regulations concerning special groups, which includes pregnant women. It would be best to consult your airline for precise guidance, such as required health documents and any other obligations. You would also need to make healthcare arrangements at your destination.

Luckily, today you can go online and check out quality health providers in any particular destination and make follow up calls from your current location. This covers you in case of emergencies.

Pack Sufficiently

Packing can be stressful for anyone. This is why you need a functional system that ensures you do not leave behind any essentials or get stymied when checking in luggage at the airport. First things first, you need to keep your medical records close to facilitate a smooth transition from your current doctor to the doctor at your destination. It might be difficult to access such data in a hospital-to-hospital communication if you forget the records.

Nutrition is critical for a pregnant woman. Pack some homemade bites, fruits, snacks of choice and any other supplements you could be using. These come in handy when you cannot eat. Also, remember to take a reusable water bottle with you. It would be best if you kept hydrated at all times. This helps prevent untimely contractions.

Different people experience different problems during pregnancy; hence you should pack medical supplies based on your immediate needs. The kit could include quick-fix drugs for nausea and heartburns, which are the most common mood killers.

Lastly, pack a pair of compression socks to prevent swelling and clots. Medical socks might not be the fashion choice you would readily subscribe to, but their significance in such situation is undebatable. Swollen feet are prevalent for pregnant women and can turn a trip into a nightmare.

Another must-have accessory is a neck pillow to keep you comfortable when sleeping. Do not overly worry yourself about exceeding baggage maximum weight as there are effective ways around this common concern.

Keep all your travelling supplies in person when travelling as part of the cabin luggage. As for the rest of the baggage for your long-distance trip, consider using the reliable services of a luggage delivery and shipping company.

Hiring a Luggage Carrier

Luggage carriers aim to improve your travel experience by eliminating the number-one burden, luggage. These companies offer door-to-door luggage delivery across borders and allow you to track the progress of your goods in transit. You only need to find the most suitable carrier for your intended destination. Sending all suitcases with a trusted courier is strategic for expectant women as they are advised to minimize their lifting activities not to strain.

With a luggage carrier at your service, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs like excessive luggage charged per kg/ lb at the airport or hiring extra hand to help with the suitcases. You might as well only take a single set of changing clothes and other essential stuff on a backpack since your luggage will find you at your destination.

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Be Mindful of Your Surrounding

Being on a plane, especially for a distant flight could lead you to compromise on some healthy habits advised by the doctor. It is paramount that you remember care tips such as avoiding extended sitting durations, which could lead to clotting.

Do not let an hour pass without taking a 5-10 minutes’ walk. To ensure you do not have trouble taking random walks, select a seat near the aisle. These seats could be costly but worth the money. You would also have more legroom for maximum comfort.

Proper hygiene is equally important. It would be best if you ascertained your surroundings, including table and hands, are disinfected. A hand sanitiser and wet wipes are quick solutions to this and hence be part of your hand luggage.

With the suggestions in this article, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you are all sorted out!

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