6 Ways to Get Rid of Cat Hair on Your Furniture

All cats, except the sphinx breed, shed and produce a lot of hair that settles everywhere. Cat owners are used to having all their furniture and floors covered with hair. Fortunately, the floor can be fast and easily cleaned with a mop or a robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s not so easy to remove cat hair from furniture. If you want to keep your house tidy, scroll down below and find the best ways to get rid of cat fur. 

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1. Use Lint Roller

Lint roller is a very cheap and convenient tool for removing fur from furniture. It’s a roller with multiple layers of sticky tape. 

You can apply it to any surface and clean it very fast. For instance, you can roll it on a sofa, use it on a table, and clean your closet. When the entire roller is covered with hair, you need to remove the upper layer and get a ready-to-use sticky tape in a few seconds. 

On average, a lint roller has from 20 to 50 layers. Some of them come with replaceable rollers so that you will spend less by eliminating the need to pay for a new handle. This option is the best value for those who need to clean tons of cat hair every day. 

However, if you note that your cats shed more than they are supposed to, review your feline’s diet; they may shed because of allergies or poor nutrition. In such a case, try to replace your cat’s food with a top-rated meal. The Fancy Feast kitten food review may be helpful in search of the best meal. 

2. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

These days, there are a lot of powerful and portable vacuum cleaners that work from batteries. These small devices can help get rid of cat fur on your furniture fast and effortlessly. Moreover, portable vacuum cleaners are shipped with extra sweepers that help clean furniture more effectively. 

However, they have one drawback. Almost all powerful models can run 5-7 minutes at the maximum speed, on average. It may not be enough to clean all the furniture in your home. When a battery is drained, it should be charged for up to one hour or more. 

3. Wet Cloth

It is a straightforward and reliable way to remove cat fur from hard surfaces like wood, glass, or plastic. The wet cloth will collect all the hair along with dust and make your furniture clean. However, this method’s primary disadvantage is that you will be required to clean cloth from hair. Also, it’s recommended to mop wet surfaces to avoid stains.

4. Rubber Gloves or Pumice Stone

However, if there is a lot of upholstered furniture in your home that should be cleaned of cat fur, wet cloth is useless. In case you need to make your sofa or armchair clean and tidy fast, bring rubber gloves or a pumice stone. Both of these items remove hair from fabric perfectly. However, rubber gloves are a better pick as they keep fabric-safe, unlike a pumice stone.

5. Cleaning Sponge

A cleaning sponge is a great tool for getting rid of cat fur on furniture. A sponge can help you remove cat hair from any surface. Also, it can be easily cleaned by using water from a faucet and drained then. Anyway, if you can hardly clean a sponge or don’t want to do so, put it into the trash and bring a new one. Cleaning sponges are disposable.

6. Wet Wipes

In case you need to clean only one small item in your home, feel free to use wet wipes. They are ideal for removing cat hair from hard surfaces. Nevertheless, they also can help remove cat fur from upholstered furniture.

If you don’t have wet wipes, don’t be shy about using wet paper tissues. However, never apply them to fiber. 

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Tips for Meticulous Cleaners

Do you want to decrease the amount of fur that lands on your furniture? These effective tips can help you make the cleaning process less grueling.

1. Brush your Cat

For starters, brush your feline regularly. You will remove hair that is falling and collect it on a brush. Consequently, the amount of fur on your furniture will decrease significantly.

2. Apply Anti-Static Spray

Don’t hesitate to purchase anti-static spray to remove cat hair from furniture easily. It was designed to reduce static on clothes. However, this spray has some extra benefits. The primary advantage is that it is very helpful in releasing stubborn pet hair. 

Bottom Line

If you want to adopt a cat or already have a furball in your house, you need to prepare yourself for an endless war with hair, especially in spring and fall. Nevertheless, indoor-only cats shed year-round. The recommendations will help you keep your furniture clean and remove cat hair with ease. Don’t be shy about bookmarking this post and sharing it among other cat owners.

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