Ideas to Spend a Weekend Away From the Hustle and Bustle of the City

The pace of life in modern cities is tense. It makes a lot of people feel burdened and depressed. Therefore, some decide to get out from the city’s hustle to refresh their minds and renew energy to achieve new goals.

In case you don’t want to spend your free days lying on a couch and watching TV, this post is for you. We’ve gathered the top ideas on how to get rid of the bustle of the city and spend an unforgettable weekend. 

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1. Road Cycling

Do you have a bike? If so, don’t hesitate to grab it and go on a long road trip. Don’t be shy about gathering like-minded people and plan a trip altogether. It’s more fun to head to a particular destination and spend time during stops with friends. It’s much safer to have bike trips with a company as you will always get help in case of an accident. Anyway, always bring a toolkit to fix your bike upon a need. 

2. Fishing

If you want to spend a weekend in a quiet place, there is nothing better than getting a fishing tour. Feel free to rent a house near a lake along with a boat for a weekend. Then, wake up early in the morning and cast a rod to catch fish. After a fishing session, you could make a fire and cook the fish that you captured.

3. Camping

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Camping is the best way to pass a weekend if you hate concrete jungles. A few days spent in a tent farm from urbanized areas can change your mindset and help avoid overburdening.

Having a car, don’t be shy about packing essentials along with a tent and drive from the city early in the morning. Find a great spot to see the sunrise or sunset and install a tent. If you want your tent to be safe from dirt and wild animals, it’s recommended to use one of the top rated rooftop tents that can be installed in a few minutes. 

Also, don’t forget to bring some wood or a camping stove to have a fire source for boiling water and preparing food. 

4. Rafting

Do you want to have an extreme weekend that will drive you to forget about any possible problems in your life? Try rafting. It is an outdoor activity that gathers a team of people who need to manage an inflatable boat to avoid rocks in a fast-streamed river. 

Choosing this type of activity, you have to note that you will 100% get wet and even fall out of a boat. Fortunately, all participants ought to wear life vests. After reaching the final point, people often gather together and have a picnic. 

5. Hiking

Do you like exploring nature and challenging yourself? If so, try to go out of the city on the weekend for hiking. It can be quite hard, especially if the weather is bad. However, amazing views are worth overcoming all the difficulties that you can face during hiking. 

If you have zero experience in hiking, remember some helpful tips. Always check the weather and choose only popular and easy trails. Lighten your backpack as much as possible. Bring only water, some snacks, and toiletries. After all, wear comfortable sneakers or purchase hiking shoes. 

6. Rest on Beach

In case you feel squeezed at the end of a week and want to do nothing, replace a sofa in your living room with a chaise lounge on a beach. Even a few days spent on a resort is more than enough to forget about the everyday problems. Don’t be shy about lying on the beach, ordering some cocktails, and listening to waves instead of car engines and ads.

7. Vineyard Tour

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This option is perfect for those who drink wine for dinner but don’t know how it is produced. Some vineyards offer tours for people who want to dive into the world of winemaking. Getting a tour, you will be able to spend a weekend in a comfortable suite, explore a winery with a guide, and taste different sorts of wine. 

8. Rock Climbing

Do you want to reach a rock’s peak by using your hand only? If so, try rock climbing. It’s more complicated than it seems at first sight. It is a very dangerous and intense type of physical activity that shouldn’t be underestimated. Thereupon, don’t be shy about hiring an instructor who will teach you how to use the gear for climbing and reach peaks effortlessly. 

Bottom Line

Spending a weekend far from a city and its hassle is a great way to change your environment and refresh your mind. Outdoor rest in a new place will bring a lot of new emotion. They will help you avoid professional burnout. Therefore, never miss a chance to spend a weekend far from remote areas, especially if you want to boost your business or get a promotion.

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