Eco Cups: How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself

You can see how more and more people are carrying cups everywhere with them. However, have you ever wondered about the reasons why people do it? Many aspects of eco cups inspire people to buy and carry them instead of using disposable cups.

Eco cups are not expensive. They are easy to find – you can always find something to your liking and taste. They don’t hurt the environment and are often made from natural materials. Besides, they can last you for years. What’s more, these cups are trending right now, and they keep growing in popularity. The only difficulty here is to pick a cup that will meet all your desires.

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These days the variety of eco coffee cups on the market is so extreme that making the right choice can take a while. So let’s see how to pick this incredibly useful item and why you need to do this right now. 

Why Eco Cups?

Let’s begin with the simple question of why to bother with buying eco cups in the first place. After all, all coffee shops always offer you pretty paper cups, so why not use those free offers. Why buying and carrying your cup? Let’s find out. 

Any coffee-driven student out there can take up to five cups of coffee per day. It is a lot, right? Let’s imagine that this theoretical regular coffee drinker consumes this amount of coffee every day. It is 35 cups of coffee per week, over 170 cups of coffee per month. In case this student experiences trouble finding the best coffee makers for college and doesn’t make coffee at home, they get their coffee in local coffee shops.

Of course, this example is quite extreme. Still, it can show you how many disposable cups we use on a regular basis. It is the statistics that we all should think of the next time we order coffee to-go at a local coffee shop. 

Every month we leave a trail of disposable coffee cups that are not composable due to the plastic used for their creation. Not to mention that many people use the plastic lid on top of their cups to prevent any spilling. The thing is, we can stop doing that altogether. This amount of waste can be reduced with the simple solution named an eco cup. They are light, good looking, very practical, and can serve you a long time. 

How to pick them

First, it is important to point out that there is a big difference between eco cups and thermo cups. The latter is designed to keep your beverage hot for a few hours. Eco cups do not pursue this goal. Their purpose is to replace the disposable cups. Of course, these two products are both perfect travel mugs.

However, many eco cups are not meant to be carried in a bag while they have something in them. They are more likely to spill your drink. You use them only when you want to drink your coffee immediately after you or a barista poured a beverage in it. Thermo cups, on the other hand, can be kept anywhere for extended time periods without any worries of spilling or your drink getting cold. Thus, before buying a travel mug, see what you expect from it. 

Next, let’s talk about the materials of reusable cups. It should come without much explanation that eco cups should be made with environmentally friendly materials.

Eco-friendly products are getting more and more popular every day. This means that the demand is growing, and the suppliers are trying to find their own niche in this already overcrowded market. As a result, a customer has an extremely large variety of materials to choose from. They all have their cons and pros. For instance, you can buy an eco cup made from stainless steel. However, they can give a hint of metal taste or get hotter with hot beverages.

You can buy a bamboo cup. They are environmentally friendly, come in a large variety of forms and designs. Besides, they are very pleasant to touch. There are even cups made with coffee husks. Cups made from recycled materials that also use silicone or cork are among the most popular types here. It is always better to see such products live, so you could use your senses to decide which materials you prefer better. 

Final thoughts

Eco cups are extremely popular and trendy essentials right now. As you can see, they come in all kinds of materials, colors, shapes, and looks. Hence, it means that you will definitely find something to your liking if you are willing to dedicate a few days to shopping at eco stores. 

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