7 Fun Things to Do When on a Beach Vacation

A beach vacation is not just limited to swimming, sunbathing or relaxing. If you have some enthusiastic company at your side, your vacation can get pretty fun and adventurous.

Go surfing, play beach volleyball, fly a kite, build a sandcastle, play frisbee, there’s so much to do at the beach! We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite activities to do on a fun beach vacation:

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1. Play Games

Bring along a ball to play some beach volleyball, football or toss around a frisbee, the sand is your court and the family members or your friends are your teammates. Play for fun or get competitive, it’s up to you! Playing any physical game can make the day simply fly by.

2. Build a sandcastle

Building a sand castle or any sand sculpture isn’t just for kids. If you search for some sand sculpture photos online, you’ll be blown away by the beauty of some sand sculptures. Not all sand sculptures have to be elaborate though, decide on what you want to create and get started.

For an added bit of fun, create a sandcastle competition among your friends to see who the best sand architect among you is!

3. Bring some good music

Travelling solo or in a group, music always helps to set the mood for any event. Create a playlist with songs that you and your friends enjoy and for added fun, go retro and pull out a playlist from years ago. A playlist that sparks memories of days before can be a sure way to keep the good times rolling and the conversations fun!

4. Have a picnic

It is always fun to pack yourself a picnic for the beach. If you’re travelling with a big group, make it fun for everyone with a potluck party. This way everyone gets a fair share of responsibility to contribute an easy dish to the meal and it will ensure a variety of food for everyone to enjoy.

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5. Collect seashells

Take a group walk and look for different types of seashells and critters. Collect some different types of seashells (leave the critters where they are) and at the end of the day spread them out on the sand and click a picture to remember it by. (It is generally requested, and in some cases required, that you leave seashells on the beaches that they are found on.)

6. Go fishing

Fishing is an age old hobby enjoyed by many. It can be relaxing and fun too! If the beach you are going to allows fishing, this could be a very fun activity for you and your friends to enjoy together plus you may even catch your dinner.

Have extra fun by adding a competitive component and seeing who can reel in the biggest catch of the day! (Be sure to look up local regulations and license requirements before casting your line.)

7. Watch the sunrise/sunset

While viewing a seaside sunset or sunrise can be very calm and soothing, it can also be fun. Sharing this experience with a group of friends can be a great moment you’ll remember for years to come. Be sure to get it right and plan ahead, look at the sunrise and sunset times in your area and try to arrive a bit early to allow for delays along the way. Be sure to pull out your camera to take a group selfie to remind you of this awesome moment.

Sometimes spending a few hours at the beach is not enough. If you wish to explore more and soak up the pleasures of an extended stay, beach rentals are the way to go.


A visit to the beach is always fun, no matter what you do there. It really comes down to spending your time with good friends and enjoying the moment together. Use some of the ideas above or think up your own. But most importantly, have fun!

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