The Ultimate Wedding Décor Checklist

If you’ve ever tried planning an event before, you know this task could take a lot of hard work. Especially if it’s your wedding to plan, all the more this job becomes way more stressful and complicated. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and it’s but normal to want to get everything in perfect order.

This is where having a checklist would come in handy. You need to put that sense of order in your wedding planning, particularly when it comes to the decorations. Try to prepare a list of everything you wish to include as part of your décor, including a wedding flower checklist. Otherwise, you may end up all over the place, and your wedding would look disorganized.

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To help you with this, here’s everything you need to get started with decorating your dream wedding.

Welcome Signage

Welcome signage is a great way to give your guests a sense of direction on where to go. It can avoid confusion when looking for the ceremony and reception areas. Remember, your welcome signage is one of the very first elements your guests are going to see. So you’d want that signage to be warm, welcoming, and representative of the theme and mood of your wedding.


What’s a wedding without flowers? In fact, wedding flowers are one of the top elements in any wedding décor and theme as they just put everything together. All you have to do is to pick your style of flowers, depending on your theme and preference. It would add so much beauty and charm to what would otherwise be a plain Jane wedding.

With your wedding flowers, you don’t have to go with the most expensive ones. Whatever flowers are in season and whatever your budget could afford, there’d always be so many ways to style and design them to make them look stunning.

Think of all the places where you could add some flowers in. Here are just a few examples:

  • Altar;
  • Cake/dessert table;
  • Wedding arch and aisle;
  • Welcome table and sign;
  • Reception tables.

Altar Décor

The altar is one of the main focal points of a wedding as this is where everyone looks at during the ceremony. Whatever type of wedding you’re having, whether it’s in a church, a garden, the beach, or a barn, there’d always be an altar where the couple exchanges vows and goes through other wedding formalities. Hence, this altar has to be well decorated to match the theme you’re aiming for.

Some of the elements you may want to incorporate in your altar include the following:

  • A flower-covered pergola;
  • Tropical white curtains;
  • A statement tree;
  • Pampas grass to line a magnificent view;
  • A circular installation of flowers or foliage.

Reception Décor

After the wedding formalities now comes the fun part: the reception. It’s here where the party truly begins. Apart from the dinner and wedding games, this is where the dancing and drinking happen.

Generally, guests stay longer at the reception, so this wedding area has to be well decorated. It’s in the reception venue where you could go all out with the theme and any wedding element you desire to include.

But don’t forget to have the following as part of your wedding décor:

  • Table plan and seating charts;
  • Cards and a gift table sign;
  • A photo booth station;
  • Decorative candles and other light fixtures;
  • Overhead or hanging décor.

Aisle Décor

Your entrance and walk to forever (literally at that) has to be remarkable. It doesn’t have to be the grandest always, but at least put in some décor and design elements to keep it from looking bare. This is also where your entourage walks during the ceremony, so your aisle décor is definitely something you’d want to put some thought into.

Your wedding aisle décor is really up to you, so everything would depend on your preferences. However, here are some ideas you can apply when creating your aisle décor:

Keep things simple. If your altar is already well decorated, you can keep things simple for your aisle. Don’t just focus on flowers and foliage. You could also put in lanterns and candles or whatever goes with your design theme.

Create a boardwalk over a pond or pool. If there’s a pond or pool in your venue, you could create your own boardwalk over it. It doesn’t have to be overbuilt so as to take the focus away from your wedding ceremony. It only needs to look like it’s part of your overall wedding decoration.

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Weddings could be a mirror of a couple’s personal style. And this personal style could be expressed through the décor and theme chosen by the couple themselves.

If you’re one of those planning your special day and you want to have so many things incorporated into your wedding, know that this isn’t always doable. Of course, you’d want your wedding to look as well coordinated as possible, and to keep you guided on what’s needed, consider the checklist above.

However, the list isn’t exhaustive. So as you go through the list, you can add in any little detail you can think of to add personal touch and make your wedding a dream come true.

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