6 Ways To Look And Feel Your Best At Work

Look good, feel good. This mantra may sound passé, but it’ll always be gold—and you don’t even have to be a fashionista or a health buff to want and do it. If you’ve ever felt dull and down, try this: take a long shower, put on your favorite outfit, sort out your hair and maybe add some colors to your face, and check yourself out in the mirror. Won’t that give you a quick confidence boost? Like an I-can-do-anything-with-a-smile kind of confidence? Well, you can do the same thing for your next workday.

This is even more helpful if you’re a new hire or someone who’s next in line for a promotion. After all, you’d want to be perceived as someone deserving of the role, right?

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Apart from dressing up when attending compliance training courses and other learning avenues to expand your knowledge about pressing workplace issues, sporting your best look at work can also help you communicate confidence and authority.

But more importantly, you spend the majority of your days and weeks at work. So, why not use the opportunity to shine, feel great, and create a lasting impression for yourself? And to show you how to do just that, below are the best ways to look and feel your best at work.

1. Style Within The Company’s Dress Code

Employees often unknowingly represent the business’ brand through the way they dress, appear, and project themselves to the public. This is why there are companies that uphold dress code policies—to achieve brand cohesiveness and convey a positive message to their target market.

If you love styling your work outfits, make sure you do so according to your company’s dress code policy. Plan your workwear during the weekend. This can reduce decision fatigue on what to wear, make you appear polished, and help you focus on the more important tasks to be done on your workdays. Preparation matters if you want to show your best at work.

Don’t compromise your wits and hard work by settling on worn-out garments. Ditch clothes that look unprofessional, lousy, and restricting. Wearing clothes that are ill-fitting can make you look untidy and unkempt. Also, trying to wear heels that are too high that you can’t even walk properly will only eat at your confidence.

If right at the start you don’t feel confident about what you’re wearing, this will manifest in the way you present yourself. So, if your goal is to make a positive impression, wear clothes that will empower you and reinforce your confidence and capability as a professional.

2. Dress The Part

Alternatively, if your company isn’t enforcing a dress code, take the initiative to dress appropriately. A consistent approach towards the way you dress up for work will help you exude professionalism and integrity.

Your attitude and mindset will manifest in the way you handle your workload. However, the way you present yourself can likewise make a difference in your success. At the same time, the way you dress can support your hard work and initiatives. An interview with Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a clinical psychologist, explains how clothes can help you express and deliver the right message. When your clients see that you took the time to dress well, this can make your efforts worthwhile.

For instance, in client meetings, sporting formalwear can help you look more credible and approachable. This can encourage clients to raise questions, communicate their concerns, and trust that you’re capable of helping them. All of these can aid your marketing efforts and even potentially increase your chances of sealing the deal. And this goes both ways because your success will definitely add up to your self-confidence.

3. Maintain A Skincare Routine

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Your skin will often reveal how well you’re taking care of yourself. If you got dark undereye circles, you’ll probably get colleagues asking if you’re okay. While everyone in your office will likely lack sleep every now and then, you’ll want to appear radiant and fresh as much as possible, even throughout those inevitable sleepless nights.

Self-care is important if you want to look and feel great about yourself. This brings us to your skincare routine, which is a major aspect of self-care. Being consistent with your skincare can do wonders not only for your skin health but also in the way you look and feel about yourself in general. Healthy-looking skin brings more confidence, and confidence will help you get your job done right.

If you’re only getting started on a skincare routine, assess your skin type and concerns first before curating a simple skincare routine. You don’t need to do a 10-step skincare routine as long as you’re nourishing your skin with products that suit your skin type and needs.

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, this can make you prone to breakouts if you aren’t adequately moisturizing. If this is the case, invest in hydrating and skin-boosting products, face masks, serums, and the like. Stay away from chemicals that can dry out and aggravate any of your skin conditions.

However, if you’re quite unsure how to approach your skin concerns, you can always consult a dermatologist. Your consultation will help you curate a professional skincare routine that works well with your skin type and even give you helpful insights on how you can properly care for your skin.

Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen every day. It won’t only protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it can also keep premature wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots at bay.

Being in control of your own appearance is a no-fail strategy to boost self-confidence. Always find time for self-care and maintain a routine that works best for your skin.

4. Switch To A Healthy Diet

Apart from skincare products, another effective way to help you reveal a healthy glow is by regularly consuming a balanced and healthy diet. But don’t get put off by the common connotation that healthy food is boring. That’s far from the truth.

Any food can look and taste amazing if you’re creative and resourceful enough. Find ways to spruce up healthy meals that may otherwise look boring for you. For starters, the internet has thousands of healthy recipes you can try out and tweak to your liking.

You can also try to experiment and start with easy recipes. Then you can gradually up the ante and explore more complex dishes. Take out the pressure and turn your meal prep and cooking chores into an enjoyable activity that you can look forward to each time.

Moreover, you don’t need to cook every day to enjoy healthy and tasty meals regularly. For instance, during the mornings, you can just whip up a smoothie. All you need are fresh fruits and perhaps some flavors from your kitchen staples. Then if you have time at night, you can cook more and just freeze an extra batch that you can conveniently heat up for the next day. Nourishing your body will make you feel better inside. You’ll get more energy that lasts, and you’ll be less likely to feel poorly and get sick.

In addition, don’t forget to drink water. Keeping yourself well-hydrated can help relieve constipation, prevent skin dryness, and flush out toxins from your body. All of these can play a big part in helping you feel and look good inside and out, which can fuel your performance at work.

5. Meditate For Focus And Productivity

Long workdays can easily stress out any hardworking professional. On days you feel burnt out, stressed, and lazy, try to do at least 10 minutes of guided meditation. You won’t regret it!

When you’re done nourishing yourself with healthy food and skincare products, you can complete your ‘inside and out’ overhaul by refreshing your head too. Guided meditations are perfect for beginners. It’ll help clear out your headspace and refresh your thoughts so you can focus better on your tasks and be more productive. If you’re particularly feeling mentally drained, meditation is one of the best things you can try to feel better again—inside and out.

6. Demonstrate Confidence With Your Body Language

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Although often overlooked, body language can send out either the right or wrong message, which may be unintentional if you’re not even conscious of it. For instance, maintaining appropriate eye contact while talking to your colleagues will make you look confident, even if inside there’s something you feel unsure about.

If you can consciously practice the right body language, you can appear more convincing and even create a professional image. If you’re working on a computer and your workday primarily consists of sitting and typing, remember to practice proper posture.

Sit back straight, with buttocks touching the back of your chair, and feet flat on the ground. Maintaining a proper eye level with your computer and the right chair height while working will also help you maintain a relaxed position that doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your arms and back.

Also, refrain from sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes. Make it a point to stretch, walk, and give yourself a breather every.

Final Thoughts

Looking and feeling your best for work isn’t too difficult. The key here is to gradually make minor lifestyle adjustments and build new habits that’ll help you create a polished, confident, and professional image that’s also consistent and of course, convincing and even influential when needed.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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