Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Dream Wedding

Every bride has a different desire for the wedding of her dreams. Some brides dream of enormous, fairytale weddings that have hundreds of people in attendance. Some brides dream of intimate ceremonies with just a few friends and family huddled around the new couple. No matter what the ideal picture of the perfect wedding is, all weddings have something in common—priorities will be focused on the wedding dress and its accessories such as wedding veil or a fascinator, jewelries and wedding shoes; as well as, they’re going to need beautiful decoration both at the wedding venue and at the reception.

If you’re looking to decorate your wedding in a budget-friendly way, we don’t blame you (weddings are expensive, we get it!). But just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful wedding, too!

Tips for beautifully decorating your wedding on a budget:

1. Go DIY on Flowers

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You might not know this, but wedding flowers can be exceptionally pricey. It’s true—florists can charge thousands of dollars for beautiful foliage because they know that everyone is going to want the most gorgeous flowers at their wedding. But you don’t have to fall victim to paying tons of money for beautiful flowers with expensive settings. Go DIY on your florals! Try inexpensive flowers and display them with hanging bottles, topiaries, cans, and even mason jars!

2. Table Centerpieces can be Handmade and Cute

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Don’t spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on chic-but-expensive centerpieces. Odds are, the centerpiece you like can easily be replicated with cheaper materials, some research and a little hard work (what are bridesmaids for, anyway?). Don’t fall into the idea that you absolutely have to purchase your centerpieces. Often, making your own, especially if you have a ton of tables, can save you a bundle of money!

3. Go Thrifting for Vintage Pieces

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If you’re already going for a vintage look for your wedding, we suggest taking some serious thrifting trips. Sure, you’re going to have to dig a little for quality decorations, but there are some absolutely golden finds in thrift shops that could be the perfect addition for your wedding.

4. Don’t Go Nuts on Lighting

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If you really want to save money on your wedding decorations, there’s one way to be sure you do—chill out on the lighting. Adding in a bunch of expensive lighting can really bulk up the cost of your wedding. Consider having your wedding earlier in the day, finding budget lighting, or even just stringing up cute Christmas lights!

5. Save on Your Wedding Dress

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The more you save on your wedding dress, the more you can budget for your decorations, right? That’s how we’re justifying it, anyway. The greatest thing about shopping at JJ’s House is that no matter what type of dress you’re looking for —beach wedding dresses, winter wedding dresses, spring wedding dresses—you’re always going to find beautiful, but cheap wedding dresses on our site without sacrificing quality. Check out our huge inventory on JJ’s House to find the perfect wedding dress for you, no matter what style, cut, size, or color you’re looking for!

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