This Year’s Best Man Bun Hairstyles

Perfect for men with long hair, the man bun hairstyle is an excellent alternative to the ponytail.  A bun is nothing than a typical twist or loop of locks. You can create it high on your head, low at your nape or somewhere in between. There are various ways you can style a bun to look differently. And if you need something unique, you can choose to incorporate shaved sides, an undercut or a low fade.

Discover this year’s best man bun hairstyles and haircuts that will take your hair styling to the next level.

1. Avan Jogia

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The man bun can be tailored to suit different face shapes and hair types. They are some of the most versatile long haircuts for men that can be formal and also casual. You can rock them in the gym and also in your office. However, you will have to vary the styling depending on the occasion. This is a messy style that is super cool and looks great on wavy and straight hair.

2. Man Bun and An Undercut

Photo: Instagram / @CRIZTOFFERSON

When you bring together an undercut and a man bun, you get a style that is not only stylish but also sophisticated. This beautiful look incorporates an undercut with geometric shapes near the ear and full locks that are tied into a high bun at the top.

3. Half Up Pull-Through Man Bun

Who said a man bun should use all the hair? Well, this one proves that statement wrong. You can have a half-down and half-up style. This style incorporates the pull through approach but includes lose trimmings pointing up rather than down.

4. Undercut Man Bun

Photo: Pinterest

This is another variation of an undercut man bun look. The hair is trimmed round to create a hairline. The style is kept somehow dramatic at the sides but maintained ultra-clean from front to the back.

5. The Man Bun

Photo: Pikdo

This can be described as a modern-day Viking. It is a signature style for Norwegian Naval Lieutenant, Lasse Matberg. It looks great when paired with a full beard. He rocks many different hairstyles, but this is the main style mostly seen with.

6. Jared Leto Man Bun

Photo: Harpersbazaar

There are so many man buns, but this Jared Leto’s bun has caught the attention of many. When he appears in most award ceremonies, he rocks this style. This refined look is beautiful from the front, has great volume in the bun and there are some strands left loose sweeping on the sides.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio Style

Photo: Refinery29

We can say this guy is a great lover of man buns. He has rocked buns at almost any hair length. With hair that is chin length, you can style the hair into a small bun. This looks even great with an undercut. Medium length gives you enough length to be able to hold the hair over. To get a formal appearance, apply a product on the hair at the front and slick it back.

8. Man Bun and Fade

Including a fade in man bun haircut is essential since it tapers the hair to the skin. For a classic look, style the hairline above the fade and get a clean style.

9. Full Man Bun

Photo: Peaceoot

If you have very long hair, you can opt for various ways of styling a bun for long hair including this one. The hair is worn loose which looks great with full and healthy beards.

10. Messy

You should always style a man bun to appear tidy and neat. Sometimes you have to break that norm and style loose strands to add a unique appeal to your style.

11. Man Bun and Shaved Trimmed Sides

Incorporating a fade or an undercut to long locks is a new trend nowadays. And when you include a bun in this mix, you get a cool style that you can rock anywhere. It is an ideal hairstyle for men with a triangular shaped face.

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