Simple Steps to Make Your Own Crop Top!

Spring cleaning is always a good time to empty your closet and make a list of clothes you no longer use. However, this can also mean one thing: a pile of unused trousers, shirts, and blouses that you can no longer fit in your closet. Uh-oh! Don’t panic! Although you can always donate them; why don’t you try experimenting with some of your old clothes? Moreover, you can save money instead of shopping for new clothes.

The simplest outfit you can make is a summer must-have item, crop tops. Be ready to boast about your handmade crop top, only by preparing leggings, a button-down shirt, a scarf and scissors.


Although it sounds bizarre, a simple trick can magically transform your old leggings to a simple, body-fit crop top. To start, fold your leggings in half, then cut the crotch part to make create a hole for the collar. You can adjust how low you want the collar-cut to be, and whether it’s V-shaped or U-shaped. In general, cutting 4 or 5 inches would be perfect. Viola! You’re done with your first crop top!

Moving on to a more complicated tied-up crop top using your old button-down shirt. First, remove sleeves using scissors. Then, to create an ultimate crop-top look, cut off bottom half of shirt. Again, you can decide how cropped you want your shirt to be. However, don’t cut everything off and leave a strip alongside the buttons in the front. To make sure your shirt isn’t boring, use scissors to create a frayed-look. Be careful with your fingers during the process! Once you’re done, you can tie up the strip and you’re finally done!

The last item you can put into good use is an old scarf to create a strapless crop top. Perfect for extremely hot days, this crop top idea is so simple you won’t need scissors. You’d only have to fold the scarf into two, wrap it behind your back, twist both ends in front and tie it in the back. So simple!

Are you excited to try it out?

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