15 Creative Collars You Would Want to Have

White button-up shirts are pretty much a must-have item on your closet. However, they can often be boring when worn alone; and this is exactly why you’d need these creative collars to be paired up with your white shirts. Since they can be taken off every time you’re done, you can use these collars on different shirts from time to time.
Without further ado, let us present to you 15 creative collars that you’d definitely love!

1. Mermaid-inspired collar
No one can get enough of these mythical creatures, right? This brown, mermaid-inspired collar takes your love for mermaids to a whole new level.

Foto: nunucorp

2. Butterflies-inspired collars
Butterflies are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful animals on earth. The vibrant colors on their wings have often inspired many beautiful artworks, including these collars. Whether it’s monarch butterfly or a swallowtail butterfly, these stunning collars deserve a place at your neck (and in your heart).

Foto: PurpleFishBowl

3. The Great Wave off Kanagawa inspired collar
Do you consider yourself an art lover? Or perhaps you’d like to impress one? Then this collar is the way to go! Deserving of a number one spot on our list, it’s not very hard to see why. The color combination matches very well with white button-up shirts, and the simple yet intriguing design would surely turn heads away.

Foto: PurpleFishBowl

4. Leaves-inspired collar
Not so much of an animal lover? Then this green collar would probably be your cup of tea. The leaves print can also be found on the cuffs of the shirt.

Foto: PurpleFishBowl

5. Fish-inspired collar
The blue fishes printed on your collar match perfectly with small fishes printed on the blouse.

Foto: PurpleFishBowl

6. Cat-inspired collar
Are you a cat lady? Then this blouse would be perfect for you!

Foto: Moozoo

7. Bird-inspired collar
Two little birds on your collar? Why not?

Foto: PeaceOfCat

8. Finger collar
The red-themed blouse and collar give off the vibe of a modern art piece instead of a fashion item. Needless to say, we love it.

Foto: ellefanning

9. (Another) cat-inspired collar
We just can’t get enough of cats! This one features a mini paw on your collar; and guess what, it’s pink!

Foto: dorafashionspace

10. Golden flowers collar
The golden flower embroidery that goes all the way to the shoulders complement the black blouse perfectly.

Foto: PurpleFishBowl

11. Tea-themed collar
Nothing goes better than a teapot and a teacup. This collar decoration proves it!

Foto: alapopjewelry

12. Beetles-inspired collar
No, not the band. The literal beetles! And yes, you can take off the decoration, so it’s super versatile!

Foto: alapopjewelry

13. Swan-inspired collar
You’d need to pay a closer look on the collar to see the two swans’ heads. Still, it looks gorgeous!

Foto: redvalentino

14. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride inspired collar
Fan of his works? Then this rather creepy collar is probably the one you’re looking for.

Foto: BaobapHandmade

15. Heart and brain collar
And finally, the last one on our list! Your go-to Halloween collar decoration!

Foto: FoxAndRoseShop

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