Diamond Back T-shirt – DIY

Diamond Back T-shirt - DIY

Here we have the perfect idea for a glamorous yet money saving t-shirt design you can do by yourselves. The diamond back t-shirt can look very stylish, but you can also get it to look really cheap if you are not careful. Pay attention to how thick the strips are. In this way the t-shirt weight will not cause the whole design to fall apart when you are felling best at the party you want to make an impression at.

You will need:
– a t-shirt;
– scissors.

Directions: First, measure the middle of the back of the shirt and draw a four-sided diamond on it. Now, cut out a v from where the neck line meets the sleeves to the top angle of the diamond. Now, measure an inch and make a parallel line to the v sides down to the sides and to the diamond outline. Do this around the diamond shape and you will love the result.

Diamond Back T-shirt - DIY

Photo courtesy: fashiondivadesign.

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