Correct Beauty Mistakes You Make Daily

Correct Beauty Mistakes You Make Daily.

We would like to bring to your attention a few things you might be doing wrong when you think you are helping your skin and beauty. Here you will find also some short great advices that will certainly help you with your beauty habits.

1. The conditioner is not a shampoo – the hair next to the roots is always healthy, while the ends of it are the damaged parts that need conditioner. Apply conditioner from the ears line down to the ends, this way your hair will gain volume and will resist clean for longer time.

2. Give moisturizer time to dry before applying foundation. The moisturizer will take at least 60 seconds to absorb, if in a real hurry, buff your face with a tissue to hurry absorbtion.

3. Perfume is made to be applied directly on skin, not on the fabrics (it can often stain). Apply it at a “pulse point” – at the base of the throat, behind the earlobes or on the wrists and do not rub your wrists together because this breaks the molecular structure of the perfume.

4. To keep track of your eyebrow shape, step back for two feet from the mirror so you will have an ansemble view. Do this after every few hairs so you do not loose control over symmetry.

5. When applying sunscreen to your face or any other cream/treatment for that matter, do not stop there and continue covering your neck and chest. (Also always do a spot-test before using any type of cream/treatment/sunscreen) – This will help your neck skin keep the elasticity and texture and even stay away from the wrinkles.

6. Puffiness around the eyes is a sign of fluid retention. Moisturizers around this area will only add more fluid to it. To reduce puffiness around the eyes use a cold compress/ice pack for 15 minutes, or follow up with a lightweight eye gel that has caffeine in it’s composition.

7. Avoid long hot showers until “squeaky clean”. This will hurt your skin and hair by removing the natural lipids and oils that seal in moisture and bring protection. Better: use medicated products, limit the shower time to 10 minutes and use warm water instead of hot.

8. Avoid drying out the skin, any treatment you put on your skin should be used once a day to avoid burns that cause redness, irritation or peeling.

Really hope you will pay more attention to avoid these mistakes.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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