Refashion Old T-shirt To Tank Top – DIY

Summer is around the corner and a lot of us get rid of old stuff we don’t need anymore in order to get new things. Spring and summer are great periods of the year to let fresh stuff come into our lives. That means cleaning house of old garbage and energy, cleaning closets, give away clothing items we do not need anymore, etc. Before giving away some of your clothing items, pay attention to this tutorial, it might give you some great ideas on how to refashion your old t-shirts into awesome tank tops. If you have little girls, take some of their t-shirts and transform them too, they will love it. The tank tops are light and perfect for hot weather!

What you will need:

– old t-shirts;
– sewing machine or you can hand sew;
– scissors;
– a few safety pins.


1. Put your t-shirt on a plane surface and cut down the sleeves of it, the neck and 2 pieces from the bottom part as you can see in the picture. You will basically make 5 cuts.

2. Take a few safety pins and prepare the neck to be sewed, you need two lines of stitching.

3. Sew the fabric, then insert the two straps you have cut from the bottom part into the “tunnel” you have just made. Here you have many options for the top, you can have a one sided tie, two sided tie, you can make a knot or a bow, as you please. You can also combine different colors and use straps from a different colored t-shirt with your new top. If you make this for your little girls, better be careful to make a strong knot, little boys can by mistake untie it!

Refashion Old T-shirt To Tank Top - DIY

Photo courtesy: crafterhoursblog.

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  1. Just made this using a Men’s small tshirt – it’s the smallest shirt they had from my favorite campsite in OR, but it was so big (I’m a women’s small) that I didn’t wear it very often. I saw your tutorial and thought it would be the perfect shirt for a tank and IT IS!!! Now I will wear it all the time. I hemmed the bottom and the strap (instead of tying it). It worked out so great that I’m going to try it on a few other shirts. Thank you! Very easy and super cute!

  2. While I love the idea for this refashion, I have to take issue with that little snippet about boys untying the straps. You could have simply stated that reinforcements are needed as they come undone easily.
    As a mom of boys I am tired of little boys being villainized with these seemingly innocent little jabs at them.

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