Cute Apron from Your Old Jeans

All of us have that odd bunch of denim jeans that we love so much that we never want to throw them away. But instead of them taking a huge corner of your closet, maybe you could recycle and use your jeans in another ingenious way! Maybe an apron?
You need:
– a pair of jeans
– strips of printed fabric;
– thread;
– scissors;
– iron;
– sewing machine.

Let’s begin!
Cut out the front portion of the jeans from the side seams and a bit below the crotch. Your cut-out should resemble a ‘backless’ pair of shorts.
Now fold the cut-out in half and round up the edges and cut it as near to the crotch area as possible.
Grab hold of your printed cloth strips, fold them longitudinally in half and stitch the open ends.
Use the sewing machine to make ruffled edges of the cloth strips.
Now place these strips along the edges of the denim cut-out and sew them in place.
At each corner of the waist, sew on the waist ties of the same printed cloth.
Now get a portion of the leg of the jeans and cut it along the seam to open it out flat.
Mark out a slight curve on the edges and cut them out. This will serve as the top of your apron.
Use some of the printed cloth strips as piping for this top, and let it extend loose from the ends to give space for tying it up.
Cut out one back-pocket and sew it onto the top of the apron.
Now sew on the top and the ‘skirt’ together.

Voila! You have your very own homemade apron recycled from your favourite jeans! Detailed tutorial–>>here.


Photo courtesy: Creative Green Living.

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