Men’s Jeans: From the Original Pair of Levi’s to the Modern Day Choices

For around the last 150 years, men have been wearing jeans. They are a cherished part of many men’s wardrobes, and are a part of clothing frequently worn throughout the year. Ever since Levi Strauss produced the first pair of pants made from denim for his store in San Francisco in the 1850s, jeans have been a part of the lives of many people all over the world.

Though the original jeans were created for the prospectors who were searching for gold during the great gold rush of the 1850s, they soon became the pants of choice for the working and poorer people of the time. Following on from their blue jean patent that was obtained by Levi and Jacob Davies, in May 1973, the production and marketing of jeans took off, and hasn’t stopped since then.

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Jeans and Men

Ever since the first prospectors started wearing the garment, it was obvious that jeans would have a solid future. They are an extremely durable and strong fabric, due to the wave the cotton is weaved to create the diagonal pattern, and are affordable for most people around the world.

It was in the 1950’s and 1960’s that jeans really took the world by storm, with iconic actors such as James Dean wearing them on film during his brief career. Over the years, fashion has come and gone, but denim, and jeans in particular, are one form of clothing that has remained and has adapted with the styles of fashion of the times.

Jeans Today

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A lot has happened over the past 60 years or so, in terms of technology and production. Jeans are now produced en masse in factories all over the world. There are many different brands that have appeared and are still strong in the market, such as Lee, Wrangler, Diesel and Pepe Jeans.

Each has their own loyal following, though none can be as loyal as those who are lovers of the original jean – Levi’s. These are the ones that started the ball rolling and thanks to them, are the reason why jeans are such a popular and well loved piece of clothing.

There are many types of jeans available on the market today such as boot cut, skinny and push up jeans, and in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular styles.

1. Straight jeans

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These are the classic styles of jeans that have been available for a very long time. They are one of the most popular types of men’s jeans, and their simplicity is what makes them so great. They are great for style, casual and relaxed looks, and can work well with all different types of outfits.

The style involves the same width of jeans running all the way down the leg, without any narrowing towards the ankle region. They have a constant appearance, and are perfect for everyday use.

2. Slim fit Jeans

Sometimes referred to as skinny jeans, slim fit jeans are those that are one-step before reaching the hugging style. They are very comfortable, and can give a nice look to the wearer’s legs. They fit straight along the hip and get narrower as they reach down to the ankle.

They are best suited to slimmer, more athletic men, though anyone can wear them. They just might look a lot tighter than they should when worn by someone who is slightly on the bulkier scale of things.

3. Flared jeans

These jeans are slim at the top across the waist, but then flare out at the bottoms, usually widening just below the knee. The size of the flares can range from discrete to extreme. They are great for those who like to rock a more classic or retro look, while also looking relatively modern. They are suitable for all types of sizes and shapes.

4. Carrot fit jeans

These are one of the more modern styles of jeans, as the name suggests, and have the appearance of a mix of different jeans with a low cut just above the ankles. They could essentially be referred to as ankle swingers, due to the position in which they are cut at the bottom. The crotch area is usually a lot more relaxed and lower than regular cut jeans, and they are comfortable to wear.

This style of jean is usually more popular with younger men, though people of any age are more than welcome to wear them if they want.

5. Stretch jeans

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These are jeans that are made with a little more elasticity in their creation, allowing the person to bend and stretch a little easier than if they were wearing a pair of classic cut jeans. Many people find them very comfortable and perfect for everyday use. These jeans are usually best suited for people who have small waists, but whose thighs and hips tend to be a little wider than average.

6. Tapered fit jeans

These are a combination between skinny fit and straight jeans. They are usually slim in fit around the hips and thighs, and then gradually get a little tighter down the calves due to the tapering effect. They are not to everyone’s tastes, and some people might prefer a little more legroom around their calves and ankles, but they are popular with people who have long legs, and want to go for a more balanced look.

7. Bootcut Jeans

Along with the straight jeans, bootcut jeans are one of the classics, and are extremely popular with men of all ages. From the waist down to the thigh, the jeans are comfortable and spacious, while they widen slightly below the knee heading down to the ankle. They are suitable for all types of boot, whether it’s a pair of ankles boots, or knee length biker boots.

Some final thoughts

Whatever your preferred type of jean, it’s most certain that it is an item of clothing that you enjoy wearing. Jeans have been around for a long time, and their durability, as well as ability to adapt to certain new styles and fashion mean that they are extremely versatile.

There are not too many pieces of clothing that have stood the test of time as well as a good pair of jeans. We can only be grateful to Levi Strauss and his awareness of what was needed at the time, and the ability to adapt and modify the original concept into a piece of clothing that is loved the world over.

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