6 Power Suit Tips To Help You Land That Dream Role

When you think of a power suit, you might think of a trim Wall Street banker; professional, confident and no-fuss. Power suits live up to their name, as many wearers note a massive boost to their confidence and abilities! Power suits are different to most men’s suits for a variety of reasons, which we’ve outlined in our tips below.

If you want to land your dream role and command the boardroom with ease, read on for more.

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1. Be subtle

The important part of a power suit is that it has no garish patterns or bright colours. It is distinguished by a crisp white dress shirt, and a plain texture – this means you should avoid houndstooth or floral patterns. This goes for your tie, too!

Power suits are all about understated confidence. The most authoritative figures don’t have to light up the room, so to speak.

2. Be tailored

An impeccable, smart-fitting power suit speaks a thousand words in the interview room. It shouldn’t be overly tight, as confidence is more important than sensuality here. If you present yourself as professional and composed to your interviewers, that dream role is yours.

3. Choose between dark colours

As a power suit isn’t the time to show off a flamboyant style, we recommend choosing between dark colours for your suit. Dark colours like navy or charcoal have the best reputation for professionalism in the workplace.

4. Watch out for the details

Businesspeople appreciate the value of tradition, even as they’re constantly innovating new products and services! Watching out for the traditional details on your power suit is as classy as it gets, and potential colleagues are sure to notice your keen eye.

You should be wearing a power suit with notched lapels, straight-flap pockets and side vents. These are features of quality men’s suits, and of a detail-oriented employee who knows what they’re doing. You’ll soon be rewarded for your extra attention to detail.

5. Don’t forget your pocket square

From humble beginnings as a necessary accessory for men, pocket squares have become a symbol of style and sophistication. As such, you’ll need a pocket square to wear with your power suit.

A power suit, as powerful as it might be, cannot stand alone. We’d recommend investing in a white cotton pocket square – more understated than silk, but still carefully chosen. This pocket square can be folded simply in the one-point fold shape. After all, you don’t have to get too complicated to feel confident in your power suit!

6. Complement your suit with cufflinks

For a power suit, the cuffs of your shirt should never be unadorned. The basic addition of a set of cufflinks can really tie your power suit together, and rest assured, will bring your dream role right to you.

We advise choosing a pair of simple, luxury cufflinks in a true metal like gold or silver. This makes sure that they look suave and respectable in the office, a neat touch to your amazing suit.

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