How to Wear Short Dresses in Cold Weather

Some women think fall and winter months are not good for dresses, so they pack these items away. The truth is you can still rock your favorite short dress when it’s cold; you just have to know how to do it.

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1. The Turtleneck Trick

The turtleneck trick may work wonders! You can just wear your dress over your turtleneck, and that should be good enough depending on on the weather. Be sure to get a turtleneck that matches your dress. On top of that, try to stick to solid colors rather than a turtleneck with patterns, especially if your dress has some nice patterns. Try to get a few turtlenecks so that you can change things up during the week.

2. The Tight Solution

Another smart way to wear women clothes like dresses, beyond spring and summer, is to combine them with tights. Choose the right kind of tights according to the cold season, for example wool or cashmere tights. You would want these types of materials because they keep you warm. In case you already have the tights but you’re not satisfied with the dresses in your wardrobe, start searching online for some new ones.

3. The Boots Option

Create a chic and sophisticated look by choose some warm boots that reach over your knees. This will help keep your legs warm while you are wearing short dress. Make sure the boots have a warm lining like wool or another material you know will keep you warm as the weather starts to get chilly. Alternatively, you could wear long socks to keep your legs warm when you wear boots.

4. The Coat Way

If you have beautiful, fitted coats, then it might be time to bust them out. A short dress can look great under a beautiful coat as long as you match them right. Pay attention to choose the coat according to the weather: rain coats or thick wool coats or warm coats. Those who are more adventurous could even make a fur coat work with short dresses as long as they are relatively long.

These are just some clothing tricks you can try to continue wearing your short dresses. You could do more if you get creative, like wearing a sweater over your dress or just wearing a cute jacket. Practice the combinations in the mirror until you get satisfied with the result.

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