Shattered Glass Nail Art

Gorgeous nails and fun nail art can both be creatively and visually satisfying! With this nail art tutorial you can bring the sparkle and the spectrum of colours of a shattered glass right onto your nail! Let us learn here how to create the look.
You will need:
– white base coat;
– sponge;
– nail polish of different shades (blue, pink, purple, yellow, blue etc);
– top coat;
– shimmery tissue paper;
– liquid latex.

Let’s begin!
1. Apply the base coat onto your nails.
2. Now, apply the liquid latex around your nail on the skin of your finger.
3. Take a sponge and drench in multiple nail polish shades.
4. After the base coat and liquid latex have dried, dab the sponge onto the nail to give a multicoloured effect and let dry.
5. Now, remove the dried layer of liquid latex from your skin for a remarkably neat work.
6. Shred the shimmery tissue paper to bits.
7. Apply top coat then stick the bits onto the nail before the top coat gets dry.
8. Apply another layer of top coat.

You are ready to rock this fabulously unique nail art, which is simple to create, yet has a dramatic effect!

Shattered Glass Nail Art

Source: qtplace.

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