This Polish Mountain Challenge Answered Our Curiosity

The term #PolishMountain Challenge may not be entirely foreign to your ears, especially since Youtuber Simply Nailogical uploaded a video titled 100+ Coats of Nail Polish. And since then, there have been hundreds and possibly even more videos inspired by Simply Nailogical’s less than logical challenge trend. There have been 100 coats of mascara, 100 coats of foundation, 100 coats of hairspray; basically 100 coats of anything-that-someone-else-hasnt-tried.

Foto: HelloMaphie

And really, though it can be hard to understand why would anyone attempt making such videos, Youtuber HelloMaphie answered our curiosity, “how many coats are in 1 nail polish bottle?” If you haven’t think of that question, well, now you do. And if you have, just like me, it’s strangely refreshing to find out the answer.

Mafer Cantú, the Mexican beauty behind the channel uploaded an 8 minute 15 seconds video of her layering her nails using  a whole bottle of nail polish on her fingers. Let me sum up the video for you; it’s basically just her painting her nails layer by layer.

By the end of the video, we can get the answer to the question. To empty a 14ml bottle of nail polish, you’d have to layer 5 fingers 147 times. Let that sink in. One hundred forty seven. That’s 735 coats if you’re doing it on one finger. Now, your nail polish purchase doesn’t really sound like a waste of money, isn’t it?

While I’m personally grateful toward Mafer for answering a question that has been lying in the back of my curious mind, it’s safe to say that the trend is hardly understandable. Though it has been entertaining, let’s hope no more Youtuber would spend hours and bottles of nail polish for the sake of the trend. After all, we have found the answer our wandering minds might have think of.

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