Clever Makeup for a Fresh Look

There are times when you have had to be up all night to finish that office presentation or when you had just landed after a long journey and had to head straight to your meeting. Or well, maybe you partied too hard and have to look your best the next day! These instances take a toll on your face; your eyes look puffed up and there are visible signs of fatigue around your eyes. And the challenge to look fresh even when you really are tired is one that can easily be won by clever use of makeup!

1.To counter the puffiness, drink peppermint tea the first thing in the morning and skip your coffee.
2. You will need to create a sort of highlighter effect around your eyes, to make that area pop out and look super fresh.
3. For this, grab a kohl pencil in light pink and apply it to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
4. Smudge and blend lightly.
5. Now, simply use a concealer like you would in your makeup routine.

And you are good to go!

Clever Makeup for a Fresh Look Photo courtesy: ulkaspulka.

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