The Magic of Decluttering Your Closet

A neat and uncluttered closet can bring unprecedented peace and calmness. This underestimated and simple fact zooms past us, as we rush into our chaotic lives. But simply having the best of everything, and having them in their right place can, in fact, help you organize your life much better, and bring you some much-wanted joy in everything that you do.

The Magic of Decluttering Your Closet

Here are some reasons to choose to keep only those clothes that are able to put a smile to your lips each time you look at them!

Being Surrounded By The Best

As soon as you open your closet, you see all the clothes that you love, that fit you well and that have memories associated with them. This in itself is enough to make your heart jump with joy each time you set your eyes on your favourite clothes!


What you love and have in your closet is also a reflection of who you are at present and letting go of your past. People change, choices and trends change and this changes you too. Having clothes that you make you look good now, go a long way to keep you happy.

Letting Go Of The Guilt

There may be some outfits that you bought and never wore or were gifted by someone close and you could neither bring yourself to discard them nor to wear them! Rest assured, each of us nurtures such huge piles. But the experience of letting go of such items also let you relax personally, ridding you of the burden of guilt.

Saves Decision-making Time

Because you have accumulated everything that sparks joy all in one place, you can easily pick up any outfit with your eyes closed! This is one very vital advantage of decluttering, since it saves you a lot of time.

Tells You What You Really Need

Once you have picked out the ‘useless’ items, you can actually stand back and see clearly what are the things that you actually need. Most of the unnecessary items act like ‘space-fillers’ and keep you from seeing the bigger picture.

Feel Good Factor

And of course, it is a spiritually uplifting feeling to know that your clothes can find more purpose with an under-privileged person, rather than lying idle in your closet. So make sure you donate all your old/unwanted clothes to a recognized charitable institution!

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