DIY Spray-on Nail Polish is Here to Answer Our Prayers

Nothing is more fun than rocking different nail colors from time to time, but the long, gruesome process may steal the fun away. If you’re a nail art addict, but a busy one, this DIY spray-on nail polish is possibly the thing you’re looking for. And it’s time, really! We have hovering boards, your phone can speak, and cars that work on water; there’s got to be a way to do your nails faster, and in a more efficient way. However, applying it may not be as easy as you think.

The number one enemy to nail polishing activity would be the excess nail polish. And this is also the case even with spray-on nail polish! Whether it’s self –made or store-bought, spray-on nail polish tends to run out pretty quickly because you need to spray it all over your fingertips. This can only mean one thing: you need to spend more on your nail polish!

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But this is where things get interesting. Instead of spending $30+ on spray-on nail polish (that, mind you, would be gone just in few usages), you can spend not more than $5 on this DIY spray-on nail polish. Now, how’s that!

The trick is, swap your store-bought spray-on nail polish for a temporary hair color spray. Now, before you frown in confusion, let me assure you of this fact: they’re safe, and yes, it works.

To begin, you’d need to apply base coat on your nails to protect them. The next step, spray the temporary hair color spray on your nails (remember to do it on top of a piece of paper to avoid any mess), just like how you’d apply spray-on nail polish. Wait until your nails are completely dry. Once they’re all dried, apply clear top coating, so the color would last. Finally, wash your fingers in a basin of water and soap to get rid of the excess nail polish.

Ta-da! You’re done! And just like that, you can create wonderful, easy nails without emptying your wallet.

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