How Can You Avoid Unsanitary Nail Salons?

Going to nail salons and get your nails done is often the fastest, most time-efficient way to get gorgeous nails. However, it’s important for you to know how to avoid unsanitary nail salons before choosing one. The thing is, hygiene is an extremely important factor you need to consider before choosing your nail salon. Otherwise, you’re under the risk of contracting various transmitted diseases; just because you want to have pretty nails!

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to nail salons at all! By taking these preventive steps, you can find a hygienic, safe nail salon. Check them out below!

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1. Research the salon
The first and foremost thing you need to do is to online research the salon. Check their website (or their social media account) to see what did their past customers say. If you see negative reviews, try to read about what happened. See if there’s any discussion on their hygiene and possible health risks.

2. Inspect!
Ask these things:
a. Does your salon follow the safety standards? Do you use liquid disinfection or steam sterilization for your equipment?
b. How do you cut calluses?
c. Are the nail technicians required to wear gloves?
d. Are there any nail technicians with advanced training?
You can ask these questions through a phone call or in person. Licensing is a serious issue, so make sure you know what kind of license the nail technicians have and whether they have proper training or not.

3. Take a quick glance
Many can be known from the environment of the salon. Take a quick look around. Check the cleanliness of the floors, ceilings, and walls; as well as the tables and the work areas. No nail clippings, dead skin, mold (ew!), or dirt should be found. Be attentive!

4. Ask the workers
Next, carefully inspect the tools. Nail clippers, files cuticle scissors, or other nail tools have to be hygienic and kept in air tight pouches after being cleaned. Talk to the workers, and ask how they clean such tools. Most use liquid disinfectants or steam treatments in an autoclave; but if they’re using neither, time to step out!

5. Observe the workers
In case you find it hard to believe what the workers have to say (either because their answers are ambiguous or just because you don’t want to take risks), linger around the nail shop for a while to observe the workers. Do they sanitize the tables and tools between each guest? How clean are they? Do they wear gloves? Do they wash their hands carefully after handling each guest?

6. See where the tools come from
Once you decide that the nail salon is hygienic enough, make sure that the tools and where they come from is sterile. If you’re unsure, ask for new ones.

7. Don’t cut your cuticles
Inexperienced nail technicians may attempt to cut your cuticles, but under no circumstances should you allow this. They naturally provide protection against infections, so this is a big no-no; even if you want to do it yourself. Only allow them to be gently pushed back after they have been soaked and softened in water, and don’t shave your legs before going to the nail salon.

8. Bring your own equipments (and nail polish!)
This is a move that your technician may not like, but convince them to at least try using your own equipments. After using them, make sure they’re clean and ready for the next time you’re using it.

9. Remove calluses the right way
Removing calluses is probably your favorite part out of the nail salon visit. However, make sure that the pumice stone used is clean (if you’re unsure, you can also bring your own) and the worker isn’t using a razor or chemical callus remover. They can be damaging to your skin and the last thing you want is infected and cut feet.

10. Check the tab
Before going for a manicure or pedicure, check the condition of the tab. Make sure it’s emptied, cleaned, and refilled.

11. Go when it’s not busy
You may have to adjust your schedule, and call the nail salon beforehand to note their busy days (and hours), but less busy days equal to more time for thorough cleaning between each patron. And this equals cleaner nail salon experience!

Finally, you need to understand the risk of going to a nail salon. Although nails seem to be a trivial part of the body, it’s entirely possible for you to get infected by diseases such hepatitis, HIV/AIDs, Staph, strep, and MRSA, or tinea. Make sure you are fully aware of the risks and that your chosen nail salon is hygienic. Stay pretty, stay healthy!

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