Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art to Share the Love

Valentine’s Day is just several days ahead and we can’t be more excited! A special day dedicated for love and romance; imagine that! For a merrier Valentine’s Day, take a look at this collection of the best Valentine’s Day nail art that’d definitely blow your mind away. From quirky to elegant, here comes the best Valentine’s Day nail art!

1. Flaming Red nails
Nothing represents love better than the red color. And since it’s the Valentine’s Day, get ready to go all-red with this nail art! You can add variations of mini white hearts on each nail or if you’re confident enough, scribble xoxo or draw a stick figure of yourself and your partner across your nail. A steady hand, however, is a must!

Foto: 4unailsandspa
Foto: froschstuetzpunkt
Foto: froschstuetzpunkt

2. Warm Coffee nails
If red nail art is not your cup of tea, relax! This turquoise nails with an adorable mug of coffee drawn meticulously on one of the finger is both cute and youthful-looking. Bonus point if you’re a coffee lover!

Foto: wheresthepolish
Foto: elizahopenails

3. White Classy nails
White nails are also very much acceptable when it’s Valentine’s Day. Draw simple, artistic hearts using different nail polishes across your nails and come up with a mystical, classy nail art.

Foto: stephg_rn
Foto: vahitcinkaya.hairdesign

4. Black 3D nails
Feeling gothic? Embrace the vibe! Who says you can’t rock black nails when it’s Valentine’s Day? Using a black nail polish, coat your nails then add red swirls as the accent. Finally, add some mini, 3D heart-shaped decorations; then apply top coat. Or, you can carefully paint some pink hearts on top of the black polish and add some glitter on top. Whichever works for you!

Foto: glitterillionaire
Foto: fancygirlnails

5. Blue Pastel nails
Blue, pink and white! What a gorgeous combination to kick off Valentine’s Day! With blue nail polish as the base, draw hearts carefully and add white spots around the hearts. Ta-da!

Foto: ehmkaynails
Foto: craftasticness
Foto: glamupnails

6. Glittery Purple nails
If you’re a fan of anything glittery and royal-like, then this nail art is definitely for you. You can apply Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish on some of your nails; then on other nails, purple rose drawn on top of white nail polish would be perfect.

Foto: fancygirlnails

7. Ombre Heartbeat nails
While this nail art needs a bit more work than the others, it’s safe to say the color combination deserves nothing less than a “stunning” review. On the second layer, add some carefully drawn white heartbeat line. On one finger’s nail, draw a cute heart instead of just a line.

Foto: dianaspolish
Foto: justagirlandhernails

8. Glassy Pink nails
If you’re too busy to spend more than half an hour on your nail art, try this one out. The look is extremely simple, pink nail polish decorated with a pink glossy ribbon. A must-do if you’re aiming for an elegant, effortless nail art.

Foto: ggnail_gg
Foto: misspopnails

9. L-O-V-E nails
Next on our list is this super cute nail art featuring some white leis! Well, not literally, but still; when matched with pale pink nail polish, the lei that spell L-O-V-E on your fingers are just too wonderful to be missed. On your thumb, draw a heart to complete the nail art.

Foto: thepolishedpage
Foto: heartnat

10. Pink Leopard nails
Last but not the least, let out the beast in you through this leopard-print nail art. It took us a while to decide which nail art deserves a spot in this list; because honestly, they’re all too gorgeous! But this peach-dominated nail art stands out from the rest and for good reason. The leopard print on the tip is extremely lovable!

Foto: flailsandnails
Foto: annatea_13

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