Valentine Beauty Ideas That’ll Make You Look Stunning

I think it’s pretty safe to say that time flies when you’re occupied. The first month of the New Year is now dwindling away and soon, it’s time for you to start searching for Valentine beauty ideas. However, why not start early? Below, we have compiled several Valentine beauty ideas you can try out on your Valentine date night.

1. Max-up your lashes
It doesn’t really mean you’ll need to spend hours sticking on false lashes! Applying mascara correctly is the key to perfect lashes. First, you need to curl your lashes by pinching them at the roots until the other end. Next, before pulling the mascara wand out, wiggle it back and forth so you don’t have to repeatedly dip it. Then, apply three coats of mascara and while it’s wet, comb through your lashes with a clean, dry spooley brush.

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2. Smoothen your lips
The steps to a much better-looking lips can be summed up with 3 letters, EMA. No, it’s not European Music Awards; EMA stands for Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Add color. First, to exfoliate, apply lip balm which contains alphy hydroxy acid (EI Solutions Lip Refine is recommended). To moisturize, use creamy balm containing petrolatum, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone or ceramides and avoid waxy and scented products. Finally, to add color, apply tinted balm.

3. Peel, peel, and peel
Your complexion is extremely important, and that’s why you need to regularly exfoliate using peeling products. Within a month, your complexion can improve significantly, but remember! Different kinds of skin require different products and frequencies.

4. Fragrance up
Nothing piques interest better than scent. Apply fragrance on your wrists, inner elbows, temples, neck hollow, behind the ears, and behind the knees. Don’t overdo it, and don’t reapply even if you feel the need to. The key? Two drops of perfume, three sprays of eau de parfum, and four hits of eau de toilette. Not more.

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5. Shave
Body hair is nothing you need to be embarrassed about, but if you want to look clean and neat make sure you know how to shave the right way. Say bye-bye to your soap, and instead, pick up some shaving cream, hair conditioner or a creamy body wash. Turn on warm water when you shower and let it wet the hair in order to soften it. When shaving your legs, start from your ankle and go upward. Rinse the razor after each stroke. For underarms, shave in different angles and rinse when needed. For the bikini line, angle the razor in the direction of hair growth and shave gently.

6. Blush and flush
The easiest tip on how to find the perfect shade of blusher? Pinch your cheek and match the blush to the color you get. Different shades can look different on different skin tones, so what’s best for your friend may not be the one for you.

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7. Use body oil
For a change of atmosphere, ditch your body lotion and splurge on body oils.

8. Go light
Date night doesn’t mean you need to overdo your makeup. Less foundation is much better, and as a makeup artist says, a creamy formula with light-reflecting particles would do. The trick is to apply it with your hand, so it can melt.

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9. Wax
Bikini wax isn’t for everyone, but if you decide that’s for you; three things you need to keep in mind. First, your hair has to be long enough; meaning you need to book your appointment every two to four weeks. Second, exfoliate with a body wash containing salicylic acid before you go but lotion is a big no-no. Third, take preventive steps! If the pain is unbearable, oral medication may be needed. Talk to your waxer if you feel uncomfortable or pained. Afterwards, apply aloe lotion or hydrocortisone cream.

10. Care for your cleavage
Use anti-aging cream on your chest and cleavage twice a week. Illuminating body powder can help you look glamorous if you’re rocking some skin-baring outfit.

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  1. I’m having trouble with dry lips right now. I’ve tried exfoliating and looking to find a good lip mask, too. Any suggestions?

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