Best Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Based on the Relationship Stage

Valentine’s Day is a major day for couples out there, and it’s not hard to see why. While the way people spend Valentine’s Day based on the relationship stage may be different from one couple to another, almost every couple out there wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a memorable way. But again, as your relationship progresses, how you celebrate Valentine’s Day may change. And it’s only natural to do so! After all, it shows how much both of you have grown together as a couple. Also, it’s important to make adjustments in how you celebrate Valentine’s Day so that your partner doesn’t get the wrong idea about which stage of the relationship both of you are.

Going too slow can frustrate your partner, and taking things too serious too soon (just like the song!) can scare them away. Try to pinpoint which stage you both are in, so that you know the best thing you can do. Here are some ideas:

How you can spend Valentine’s Day based on your relationship stage

1. Relatively new in a relationship

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We’re talking about sometime between zero to six months here. If you haven’t been seeing your significant other for a long time, you’d want to make sure that the first Valentine’s Day you’re spending with them lives up to their expectation. That being said, it’s not a wise idea to go for an ‘out-of-the-box’ kinda date, or do something that you personally wanted to do – such as attending a sport event or shopping the whole day.

You’d want to be on the same page with your partner, and do something simple! Enjoy a movie night, go stargazing, play around in the skating rink, visit an aquarium or a zoo, attend a class together, or simply go out for a simple dinner and obviously, some dessert afterward. Your Valentine’s Day gifts should also be simple yet romantic; a bouquet of their favorite flowers, some chocolates, or if you happen to have more budget, a ticket to their favorite show would do.

2. Passing the one-year mark

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If you’re on your first or second year in the relationship, it’s time to keep the flame of love burning by doing something fun as a couple, but not entirely leaving out the romantic side. To celebrate your first or second Valentine’s Day together, enjoy a fine dine at a fancy restaurant, introduce your hometown to your partner, invite some friends over if you want to have something more private, play truth or dare to get to know each other better, or have a little picnic at the park.

You would want your Valentine’s Day celebration to be intimate, yet not too personal. If your partner loves music, get them a pair of nice headphones. If they’re more into self-care, why not get them a silk robe, a gift set from their favorite brand, or their favorite perfume?

3. Stable, long-term relationship

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Once you have passed the second year of your relationship, you can start experimenting with your Valentine’s Day. By now, hopefully, you are comfortable enough with one another, and have figured out what the other is expecting for the Valentine’s Day celebration. So instead of going for something cliché, try to personalize the way you spend Valentine’s Day. Plan a trip together, go on a train or a car trip, decorate your house (if you have moved in together), or go to a karaoke!

There are plenty of ideas, but don’t limit yourself. When making plans, however, keep in mind your partner’s needs and wants. A stable, long-term relationship doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want to do and still expect your significant other to stick around and support you. When picking gifts, keep this in mind: something personal, but not too flimsy. A nice watch, a spa kit, or a gear for their hobby are some of the things you can consider getting for your partner.

4. Marriage (or seriously committed, long-term relationship)

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Okay, if you have been together for over 5 years, engaged, or married – it’s pretty safe to say that there is no certain way you need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can pamper yourself together, go for a fancy brunch, adopt a pet, or you can even recreate your first Valentine’s Day together. Old photos are a great way to remember what it was like, so make sure you take a look at how far you have gone together as a couple.

Your gifts should also be personalized; a wallet, a phone case, or a cup would do the trick. Splurge on a weekend getaway, if possible, or you can spend the night at a hotel after a romantic fancy dinner.

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