Watch Out for These Things that Will Ruin Your Valentine’s Day Date!

It’s the D-day! It’s the day that you’ve been waiting for – in fact you might have been losing sleep over this. No, it’s not your wedding day, at least not yet. But planning a perfect Valentine’s Day can be as stressful especially if you don’t keep a list of things that will ruin your Valentine’s Day date. If you’re the ‘just wing it and see what happens’ type of person, thinking of possible scenarios where your date goes disastrous can make you anxious. After all, you might not know what to look out for! So, for you, we have compiled some of the things that can ruin your Valentine’s Day date. Take notes and save the day!

Not being mannerly

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Basic manner makes you attractive. Here are some things you can do:
– arrive on time;
– be careful when driving. Take your time and don’t speed;
– listen, listen, listen. Put away your gadgets and listen attentively;
– dress up. Your outfit doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. However, it has to be clean, neat, and smells good;

Making everything about you

Valentine’s Day is not about you, it’s about both of you. So, instead of talking too much about yourself – or worse, about what you have materially – think of the date as a chance to get to know your partner better.

Acting cheap

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There’s nothing wrong about staying on budget and not splurging on a date – but there’s a thin line between being cheap and being reasonable. Using coupons, sharing a meal (that is not meant for two), not giving enough tip, or complaining about how much you have to spend on the dinner, the flowers, the chocolates, or the gifts are some of the things you must NOT do on your Valentine’s Day date. It is supposed to be an exciting, fun, and special – don’t treat it just like any other casual date night!

Making it about your ex

Okay, chances are you won’t be doing it deliberately, but what are the chances of you doing it unintentionally? Maybe you wanted to make an offhanded comment about how you spent Valentine’s Day the year before, with your ex. Maybe you want to mentioned one or two things your date has in common with your ex. Maybe you think, “It’s not even that deep. We talk about our ex all the time.” Well, have you ever considered how your date would feel about it, though? Remember, it is supposed to be a special day for both of you, and you don’t want a figure from the past to ruin things.

Under-prepared or over-prepared

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Yes, both are equally bad. If you’re not prepared enough for the date, chance is you would spend much more than your budget allows. Or worse, you might not even get a seat since all the places are fully-booked! Over-preparing your date, however, doesn’t make things better. For instance, you could be so anxious about what could possibly go wrong you ended up making your date uncomfortable. And let’s be real, there’s no way you can micro-manage everything down to the last detail. Some things are bound to happen spontaneously, so make adequate preparations, do your best, and enjoy the date!

Overdoing things

There’s no written rule that says you can’t take someone on a first date on the Valentine’s Day. Or that you can’t propose to your partner and create a scene. But again, the key to a successful relationship is mutual understanding and consideration. Try to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel? Then again, even if you feel there is nothing wrong with it, consider your partner’s background, their personalities, and the stage of relationship you both are in. Expensive gifts, for example, can make someone feel really touched – but for others, it might be too burdensome or too soon. So be considerate and carefully pick the gifts that you know your partner would appreciate.

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