What Are the Best Jeans for the Office?

Few wardrobe pieces are as essential as a pair of jeans. While their history is rooted in rough and tumble workwear, jeans have long made their way from the factories and fields and into people’s everyday outfits. And with plenty of offices recently making the shift to a more laid-back culture, plenty of dress codes now have room for denim jeans. But even if this is the case, don’t take it as your cue to ditch your work style for some beat-up Levi’s. With a little styling, you can still look professional and ready for business in a pair of jeans.

Here are some ideas on the best jeans you can wear to the office:

Dark shades

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Compared to your faded blue denim pair, dark blue jeans look much more sophisticated and are the closest thing to office trousers. It’s also highly versatile and easy to style with closet staples you already own, whether it’s your black blazer or cashmere sweater. However, Live About warns that you have to be careful so your jeans don’t bleed and stain your pristine white polo — an absolute nightmare you don’t want to happen before a big pitch.

Skinny jeans

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When in doubt, you can always turn to the timeless combination of skinny jeans and a trusty button-down. The Levi’s Wedgie Jeans are a reliable and classic pair that looks especially elegant with a silk top. But if you’re going for a more laid-back look, then your boyfriend’s shirt tucked in could work just as well. Finish it off with a pair of closed heels and/or a jacket, and you’re ready for that meeting in no time. Bonus: it’s also easy to transition to after-work drinks.

Wide leg

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This nostalgic style has made its comeback, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The wide leg jeans on Woman Within go well with a tucked-in tee, and can be balanced out with a pair of pointed toe heels. It’s a look that marries the best of vintage and modern styles without trying too hard. Everlane’s Wide Leg Crop Pants are another favorite, for their high quality thick denim that still manages to feel soft to the touch.

Clean cut denim

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While distressed denim can undoubtedly inject a touch of cool to your outfits, the office may not always be the most appropriate place for you to showcase this part of your personality. Instead, stay on the safe side and stick to pants with no rips, holes, or tears in them. Of course, some work environments like start-ups or creative offices may not mind as much. In that case, you can check out our DIY Ripped Jeans tutorial here. But remember: balance is key. If you do decide to take your distressed denim for a spin, pair it with a more formal-looking top and not another ripped-style tee.

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