How To Wear A Denim Jacket

A funky denim jacket is a classic wardrobe staple. It’s one of those fashion pieces that can be worn in multiple seasons. The jacket is functional yet low maintenance without forgetting the warmth it provides especially during cold months. Denim jackets are made of tough cotton fabric that is dyed in color with blue being the most popular and versatile choice. The fabric is sturdy and durable to withstand a lot of wear.

The best thing about a denim jacket is its form and structure. Most are quite light-weight hence can be worn even in warm weather. The collar and body of the jacket tapers to the waist creating a beautiful masculine silhouette. As with all clothes, the fit is always king. Any denim jacket should fit properly. A little snug is encouraged to allow some room to layer other clothes under.

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When purchasing a denim jacket, always fit at the store to be sure of your size. Off white makes the best denim jackets for men in the market. Avoid jackets that are either too tight or too baggy not unless you are going for a rugged street style look.

A well-fitted jacket can be easily buttoned up without any qualms. The length of the jacket should also be just right. The bottom hem should hit just about the hip; anything above the waistline will make it look cropped. Make sure you can cross and swing your arms comfortably. If the fit is too constricting, it will be a nightmare to move around.

Styling the denim jacket is quite easy for a lot of men. You can pair it with anything under the sun. The basic rule of styling is all about contrast. Feel free to experiment with a combination of different outfits with your denim jacket. Below are some few classic ways that a man can wear their denim jacket:

1. Denim On Denim

Matching denim pants with a denim jacket is perhaps the most popular way of styling the denim jacket. It’s a killer classic for many especially for men above the age of 30.

The rule of thumb when it comes to denim on denim is making sure the two are shades apart. Be careful not to go overboard with the colors as you may end up clashing. Black pants are the safest bet as one can pair with different shades of denim jackets. Distressed jeans are also another option to pair this combo for that risqué fun look.

2. Denim With A Shirt

This is the ideal look to attend casual smart events such as weddings or family gatherings. A rustic buttoned-up shirt or a polo shirt with a denim jacket will give you that cowboy looks that some men yearn for. When choosing the perfect shirt, go for a plaid or checked pattern shirt and complete this look with a pair of brown cowboy boots.

3. Denim With Chino Pants

Chino pants are another fashion essential in every man’s closet. These pants are great when you need a break from jeans and suits. Chino pants are stylish yet comfortable for both casual and professional settings. A denim jacket can be used to replace your regular blazer to wear in a relaxed office space.

4. Denim And A Leather Jacket

The denim jacket adds a polished finished to any outfit. It’s a basic fashion item that may never go out of style despite the season you wear it. During winter, a leather jacket is worn over the denim to create a warm trendy yet elegant look. Nothing speaks manly and rugged like this combination.

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