What is a Hammered Wedding Band and Why Stylish Men Would Want It

We often put a lot of thought and preparation into selecting an engagement ring or a wedding dress, but the wedding band is often put on the backburner. Men also want to look and feel their best and dress to impress, so consider getting a hammered wedding band for your big day.

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6 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Hammered Wedding Bands

A hammered wedding band is a ring that comes with a dented or dimpled finish. If you want to try something different, a hammered wedding band could be a great choice.

Here’s why.

1. A Hammered Wedding Band is Unique

Hammered wedding bands offer a fresh take on the traditional ring styles your grandfather wore. Its textured finish isn’t a common sight on a man’s hand, making it a statement piece that’s sure to get some attention. Hammered rings can even play with the light and cast deep shadows.

Online ring brands like Alpine Rings carry over a dozen men’s hammered rings you can choose from. Each of their styles are rugged, inexpensive, and perfect for the modern gentleman.

2. A Hammered Wedding Band is Customizable

Since hammered wedding bands are given this treatment after the ring is put together, you can add a whole bunch of designs to the ring. For example, you could add a camo inlay, a 14k rose gold stripe, or a wood grainy design. You can even add lines, antler bone, or jade stone.

The hammered pattern on your ring is also customizable. You can choose to space out the dents or make them larger or smaller. Smaller dents mimic the look of snake or reptile scales.

3. A Hammered Wedding Band is Durable

While you could use the hammered texture on most ring materials or styles, jewelers will usually use cobalt, titanium, tungsten, or black zirconium. These materials are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, so they’re unlikely to break even if you apply significant pressure or force.

The hammered texture doesn’t necessarily thin the ring, but it does make the ring slightly less durable (very slightly), so jewelers will work with harder materials to prolong the life of the ring.

4. A Hammered Wedding Band is Exchangeable

Since most hammered wedding bands are made with incredibly hard materials, they aren’t able to be resized. To compensate for this, most jewelers will offer a size exchange for free if you purchase a warranty. Ask your jeweler if they offer this warranty before buying the ring.

As wedding rings are often worn for life, it’s essential that you find a ring that fits. Your hand may also grow, thin, or swell as you age, which may make it difficult for you to wear it.

5. A Hammered Wedding Band is Low Maintenance

With all those extra grooves in your ring, you’d think a hammered band would require more maintenance. This actually isn’t the case. While you will need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to get into those dents, you’d have to use one anyway on smooth rings to get off stuck-on dirt.

Hammered wedding rings are more rugged in appearance, so a bit of damage can actually make the ring look better. With that said, you can get a lifetime warranty if you’re worried.

6. A Hammered Wedding Band is Comfortable

Another misconception is that hammered wedding bands are uncomfortable because they have more edges. While the ring will feel more textured, the grooves aren’t sharp enough or deep enough to notice much of a difference. But if this bothers you, add a finish to make it smooth.

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Men often spin their wedding rings to pass the time. If you’re one of those people, a textured ring can be a lot more fun to handle and play with, especially if you include an inlay.

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