Why Choosing The Right Women Coat Is So Important To Your Overall Look

Winter is coming. That is an undeniable fact, even though the fall season has been much warmer than in previous years. In the northern countries, winter coats have already made their way out of the closet, and many women are looking to buy a new one, to remain trendy or simply to stay warm.

However, it is important to choose wisely, as a coat will definitely change your overall look, daily.

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One Main Winter Coat in Our Wardrobe

At the opposite of the rest of the clothing that we wear, most people keep one winter coat in their closet. Or at least, there is one that they will wear daily to go to work and do their normal activities outside the house, such as going to the supermarket and picking the kids from school.

Therefore, it should reflect who you really are, or at least provide the image that you want people to have of you. No matter what you wear underneath, it will provide the main flavour of your overall look. Women’s winter coats are a very important part of their dressing, for that very reason.

The length of the coat will also matter. If you choose a very long one, it means that you are basing your style solely upon it, as it will hide anything else that is underneath. It is also important to think of the mobility factor, which will be reduced in such case.

This year, women’s coats trends tend to fall a little below the waist line, which enable others to see the trousers or dress that you are wearing, as well. Which leads us to our next point.

Compatibility with the Clothes in Your Dressing

Not everyone changes their whole wardrobe, every new fashion season. And even those that do, will always keep a few pieces from previous collections. Therefore, when you go out to buy a new coat, you need to keep in mind the various pieces that you already own, and that you will wear with it; especially below the belt. It starts with the colours that you usually wear.

If you are someone that likes bright and flashy clothes, you may want to choose a more neutral black coat, so that it can fit with the trousers and dresses that you already own. If at the opposite you are someone that wears black on a daily basis, then you can choose most any colours that you want, for your winter coat.

Keep in mind that colours trending in fall and winter collections of this year, are shades of grey, as well variations of brown, with lots of beige and sand tones.

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Don’t forget Style

Finally, it can be said that the most neutral style your winter coat will feature, the easier it will be to match it to the rest of your clothes. However, if you chose something particular, such as a manila jacket for your main winter coat, then you can definitely stand out in the crowd. An option that some readers may definitely choose.

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