DIY: No Sew Handbag Out of Your Old T-Shirt

Styles come and go, and that leaves us with hoards and piles of clothing that we probably would never wear again. But who says that we cannot ‘use’ them again, probably in another way that is chic and stylish? Maybe we can actually start a new trend with the old one! So don’t throw away that bright old t-shirt just yet. Let us take you through this tutorial (directions, pictures, video) that will amaze you with an idea to make a handbag out of a T-shirt!

You will need:
– a pair of scissors;
– an old T-shirt.

That is it!!

So let’s get set to create our hand-crafted T-shirt bag!
1. Set the T-shirt on a flat surface.
2. Cut out the binding seam from the base. Retain this, as we will use it later!
3. Now, fold the T-shirt in half vertically.
4. Cut around the collar in a nice deep semi-circle.
5. Next up, cut the sleeves a little away from the shoulder seam, towards the collar.
6. Open it up. Your T-shirt should ideally look like a neat tank-top!
7. Now turn the ‘tank’ inside-out.
8. Gather the base of the tank into a bunch and tie it with the binding seam that was cut out in step 2. Make sure you tie it tight, preferably in a double knot.
9. Now, again turn this arrangement inside-out.

There you go!
You’ve got a sizzling new hand-bag that is unique and trendy! No store stocks it so you know you own a piece of exclusivity, made all by yourself, thanks to the T-shirt you saved from last year!


Keep being AllDayChic!

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