What Your Handbag Wearing Style Says About Your Personality

Handbags are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They not only carry valuables but help pull an outfit together to give an impeccable look. It’s the most functional and personal fashion accessory one could ever own. Women spend a lot of time picking the perfect handbag to match an outfit and little thought on the style of carrying their favourite Celine bag on the daily.

According to body experts, the way you carry your handbag isn’t a random act. It may seem as just grabbing your handbag, stacking it up and swinging it over your elbow or shoulder. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

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How women carry their handbags is a reflection of what kind of fashion person they are and is a tell-tell sign of their personality. Below are 6 common ways in which women carry their handbags and how to decipher their personalities;

1. On the shoulder

Women who carry their handbags over their shoulder are simple and practical in nature. They are busy bees, faced with a gazillion of things to do and different places to be at. Priority is given to ease and freedom of movement over elegance. To these women, the function is more important than the nitty-gritty of fashion.

2. In the crook of the arm

Carrying your handbag in the crook of the arm may seem like such an uncomfortable position; however, it depicts a certain level of poise in society. This carrying style allows the wearer to show off the brand specifics of the bag signalling status to those who know and that hefty price tag. Personal style is seen as a way to express social and professional standing. Others looking in may deem one as being ‘high maintenance’ which is exactly the flaunt and prestige the women are looking for.

3. Cross-body in the front or back

Wearing a cross-body handbag at the front indicates a more cautious personality. It reflects an individual who is shy, reserved or slightly defensive. Placing the bag in front of you makes it hard for close contact with other people which may be what one wants. Cross-body handbags worn at the back makes one look like an urban warrior with style. The wearer is less interested in fashion and brand of a bag rather functionality and a show of their self-independent nature.

4. Under the arm

Many women who wear their handbags under their arms give an impression of being closed-off and less likely to open up especially in a social setting. Trust to them is something that ought to be built over time. Safety is a key priority and they would prefer to keep possessions close to their body.  These women go for simple and chic without the unnecessary attention that branded accessories may bring.

5. Held in the hand

Handbags held in the hand are normally classic and expensive in nature. Women who go for handheld clutches or purses have a taste for quality products and tend to go for the finer things in life. Parties and gala events are more of their thing as they are often social butterflies. Small handbags are ideal for carrying a few valuables as they walk the floors in events.

6. Backpacks

Backpacks as a fashion trend have come a long way. Gone are the days when they were only seen along high school hallways. Today, backpacks are a fashion statement for the cool-kids. These kids are known to be spontaneous and always on the go. They love the fuss-free fashion that is easy and functional. Travelling to them is always on the agenda hence they seek for bags that are healthy with less strain on the shoulders and back.

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