Choose The Right Hairstyle for a Thinner Look

We have perfect features and god-gifted locks to go with them. But sometimes, when the holiday season is just over and all that sugar and cream has found its way to your face (and body), all you can do is hide it before the exercise starts to help catch your toned look back. Here are some fool-proof and stylish ways to hack away all that extra flab from your face. Read on!

1. Long Layers
Layers that are cut vertically add height to form an illusion of an elongated face. The length, when maintained just below the ears and not any longer than shoulder height, is perfect for this hairstyle.

2. New Haircut
If you have had the same hairstyle for all your years that you can remember, then you are definitely looking 10 years older than your age already! When you have maintained a hairstyle that long, even a little snip here and there can give you a fabulous new look. So take time to experiment!

3. The Bob
This is probably the worst hairstyle for a full face! A bob that ends at the chin usually has volume on the sides that brings attention to your chin and makes your face look much wider than it is. Therefore, when going with a bob, have it cut asymmetrically, or with a short back and long front to help chisel up your face.

4. Side Part or Side Bang
A neat trick is to have an asymmetrical bang swept to the side. This helps to add length to a full face. Avoid full straight edged bangs completely as they cut the height of the face and make it look rounder.

5. Volume on Top
It helps greatly if you make a style that allows you to have lots of volume on the top of your head. This takes the attention away from the cheeks and shifts it towards your eyes. Try blow drying or clamping with pins to achieve this effect.

6. Accessories
The trick here is the placement. Make sure that you place your clips, bands and other hair embellishments towards the crown of your head to give your face an elongated shape.

With these above simple yet clever tips you can easily let people believe you have that same amazing face, while you secretly think of all those cakes and cookies you had over the holidays and still manage to look so damn good!

Choose The Right Hairstyle for a Thinner Look

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