Awesome Idea for a Wedding Dress Cake

Your best friend’s bridal shower is just round the corner and if you are wondering about a gift that would reach her heart and be remembered, then we have an awesome DIY idea for you, to help you win appreciation, love and above all, to help get an unforgettable smile on your best friend’s face! Make her a cake which is designed like a wedding dress, how about that! Sounds like too much of a trouble? Well, just go through this tutorial (see also the video below) and you can decide for yourself!

You will need:
– 27 cupcakes; try to make these yourself to add that extra personal touch!
– a cake board large enough for placing 27 cupcakes;
– frosting or butter cream for topping;
– pastry bag;
– decoration items, such as beads, flowers, bows, ribbons etc;

Get set for action:
1. Arrange the cupcakes in the form of a wedding dress over the cake board.
2. Use 8 cupcakes for the collar in a U-shape, 2 placed side-by-side for the waist and the rest for the skirt by progressively increasing the number of cakes in each row.
3. Make sure that the cupcakes touch one another.
4. Now, fill the pastry bag with the cream or frosting and starting from the centre of the cake, go all around in circles to make a rose shape.
5. Repeat for each cupcake in the same way by making sure that the entire surface of the cake gets covered.
6. That really is it! Now decorate the cake; place some beads around the waist, add a magic wand, or you could even add some lace to make it look like an authentic dress!

Your cake is ready to be the highlight of the party and a milestone down memory lane!

Awesome Idea for a Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake

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