Make Your Own Stamp Print T-shirt Design

This tutorial will definitely appeal to the artist in you, who loves a blank canvas and whose hands itch to fill it with colours and patterns! The only difference here is that you will actually be able to wear your art! Let’s learn here how to transform a simple plain white t-shirt into super chic stylish street wear!

You need:
– plain t-shirt with a collar and sleeve length as per your choice;
– rubber stamp;
– crylic paint;
– piece of cardboard.

Time for the transformation:
1. First, brush the paint onto the stamp and print on a piece of paper to check how it is turning out.
2. Insert the cardboard between the layers of the t-shirt so that the paint does not get to the other side.
3. Now, start stamping on the front part of the t-shirt and carry on till the sleeves. You could look go with a diagonal print for more appeal.
4. Let it dry.
5. Put it on and head out!

Do remember to clean out the stamp after you are done, else the paint sticks to the carvings of the stamp rendering it useless later on!

In case you consider that the stamp print t-shirt involves a lot of work, you can always opt for a printed t-shirt personalized with your own design. A specialized center will help you for sure!

Make Your Own Stamp Print T-shirt Design

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